NFL Free Agency Land March 9th

I will keep you updated with all that is going on in the free agency world today with all of the big trades and signings. 

11:04 am ET: Wide receiver DeSean Jackson is taking his talents to Tampa Bay. Sources have said that the former Washington WR is planning to sign a deal the Buccs, to team up with Mike Evans and Jameis Winston.

1:17 pm ET: Quarterback Kirk Cousins is looking to be traded from Washington after not getting a long term contract. Sources said that owner Dan Snyder told Cousins that he should not anticipate a trade. Cousins is also prevented from negotiating with teams under the exclusive franchise tag that was placed upon him on Feb. 28. He will received the nonexclusive tag last year at a cost of $19.953 million. Washington can negotiate with Cousins on a long-term deal until July 15, but if not Cousins will make $23.94 million if he plays under the tag.

3:05 pm ET: Jerry Jones isn’t letting go of Tony Romo that easy. The Dallas Cowboys are looking to trade Romo instead of releasing him. They are talking about trades with the Houston Texans and the Denver Broncos.

3:51 pm ET: Just in… The Cleveland Browns will trade a second round draft pick to the Houston Texans for quarterback Brock Osweiler. Not only will they take on Osweiler and his shaky gameplay but they will take on his $16M salary. The Texans have made out big on this one grabbing a second round pick in a pretty nice draft as well as getting rid of that bad contract. This also means that there is a strong possibility that Tony Romo will be playing for the Houston Texans next season.

4:13pm ET: It’s a deal. DeSean Jackson has signed a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccs. It’s a three-year deal with $35 million with $20 million guaranteed. The Buccs might be playoff ready now.

4:22 pm ET: The Philadelphia Eagles sign former Chicago Bear wide receiver Alshon Jeffery to a $14 million contract. The Eagles are stacking up on WR after signing Torrey Smith to a 3-year, $15 million deal earlier.

4:43 pm ET: Former Oakland Raiders running back Latavius Murray is scheduled to visit the Seahawks .

5:00 pm ET: The Chicago Bears have released quarterback Jay Cutler. Where will he go next? The Bears are looking to start all over after losing Alston Jeffery to the Eagles.



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