Road to Houston: Championship Weekend

This will be a quarterback showcase. Fans can expected a Sunday full of scoring and nail biting games. The game to watch for is the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots, one of those teams will be the 2017 NFL Champions. The Steelers have the best defense out of the four teams left, while people can argue that the best offense can go to either the Pats or the Steelers. Tom Brady can affected the game so much he puts the Pats offense on a whole new level, but you also can forget about the Killer B’s in Pittsburgh.

Green Bay Packers 38 – Atlanta Falcons 31

If you are a fan that loves offense this will be the game for you. Both teams can put a lot of point up on the board, and neither defense is great so expect touchdown after touchdown. Both quarterbacks Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers have lead their teams to this point behind great passing. When the Falcons and the Packers faced off in October the Falcons got the better of Aaron Rodgers and company, winning 33-32. Because both teams can put up a lot of points its going to take for one of the defenses to make a stop late in the fourth quarter. I’m going to give it to the Packers cause if you give Rodgers just 30 secs to get the ball up the field he will score and he proved that last week against the Dallas Cowboys.

Pittsburgh Steelers 30 – New England Patriots 27

As a fan of #SteelerNation you all know I want to pick my boys in black and gold, but I have to my fan self aside. This game can go either way depending on a number of factors. For the Steelers they have to do three things: get to Tom Brady, stop the short/quick passes and convert in the Redzone. Last week the Steelers defense looked amazing against Kansas City. The problem was scoring in the redone. The Killer B’s had zero problems moving the ball up the field but the where 0/6 in the redzoneĀ resulting in 6 straight field goals, they will not be able to win against the New England Patriots if they can’t punch it in for six. If the Steelers play man instead of zone they will have a much better chance of stopping Brady. He doesn’t play well against man defenses but h will have a field day when playing against zone coverage. For the Patriots they have to stop Le’Veon bell, lock up on Antonio Brown and keep Brady protected. Brady does not like to hit the ground, and if the Steelers can get him on the ground they will make their way to their ninth Super Bowl. The killer B’s (Bell, Brown and Ben Roethlisberger) are a lot for any team to handle. Malcolm Butler will have to have phone booth defense on Brown to not allow for deep passes. The Patriots front seven will have to get to Bell and not allow him to break free into the secondary. Either way this will be the match-up of the ages and the winner of this game WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL.


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