Road to Houston: Wildcard Weekend 2017

Offense wins game and defense wins championships. Every team will have to relay on their defense to win a game and push on to the next level. Teams like the Giants, the Steelers and the Packers can all put points up on the board easily but their defense will have to dig deep if they plan to win. We will see. Watch out for the Packers and Giants game it will be a nail bitter. 

Houston Texans 20 – Oakland Raiders 13

The Raiders was one of my sleeper picks along with the New York Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars at the begin of the season, so I was one of three. With the Raiders losing Derek Carr in the fourth quarter against the Indianapolis Colts I don’t see how they will get past the Texans and their front seven on defense. Granted both teams have a question about who will be starting at quarterback I still have to give it to the Texans just due to defense and I have more faith in Brock Osweiler than both of the back-ups for the Raiders.

Seattle Seahawks 21 – Detriot Lions 17

Expect this to be a close game and tightly played. The defense will have to win this game for either team. In 2015 the Lions lost in Seattle 13-10 so, they have shown that they can slow down Russell Wilson. The pressure will be on Matthew Stafford to make some plays in the passing game against a Seahawks defense who finished second in the league in points and is still a huge force.

Pittsburgh Steelers 27 – Miami Dolphins 14

The Dolphins blew out the Steelers in Miami in October. Running back Jay Ajayi had his way with the Steelers’ defense. The Steelers have made some improvements on defense since that game and some young defenders have really stepped up. Despite how they started off they finished 12th in the league in total defense and 10th in scoring. Offensively we all know that Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown will put points up on the board. They should have a big game seeing that the Dolphins’ defense finished 29th in total yards.

New York Giants 24 – Green Bay Packers 21

This is the game that everyone needs to keep their eye on. The Giants have won their last two playoff games at Lambeau Field on their way to win a Super Bowl. Eli Manning knows what it takes to win under pressure. The Giants did lose to the Packers in week 5, but the have the second ranked defense in scoring so Aaron Rodgers can’t make many mistakes. This will be a close one and it all depends on who’s defense can make that big stop when needed.


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