Week 13: Predictions

There are some nice games this week. Not to mention the Thursday night game between the Cowboys and the Vikings, that will be a treat. Some teams are fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive and others are just playing to say they finished the season. 

Dallas Cowboys 23 – Minnesota Vikings 17

This will be a nice match-up, with the #1 offensive line in the league and one of the best defense lines. This will be hard nose football. The Vikings are playoff desperate and will fight for this win so this will be tight, but I’m going to put faith in the rookie quarterback Dak Prescott to carry the team on his back.

Atlanta Falcons 27 – Kanas City Chiefs 20

The Chiefs looked good last week beating Denver, but Denver doesn’t have the Falcons high power offense. I mean have you seen Julio Jones and Matt Ryan together this season? They are hot, even against one of the best pass defenses.

New England Patriots 28 – Los Angeles Rams 17

The Patriots snuck one in last week against the Jets last week but the Ram’s defense isn’t nearly as good as the Jets. Tom Brady will have no problem putting up points against the Rams even with Rob Gronkowski missing.

Denver Broncos 20 – Jacksonville Jaguars 13

Denver took a late L against the Chiefs Sunday. But expect Denver’s front seven to get after Blake Bortles. The defense will score for Denver.

Green Bay Packers 28 – Houston Texans 20

Aaron Rodgers has it going right now and the Packers are looking good on defense. Houston isn’t looking good on offense which is a problem. Expect Rodgers to keep building off last week.

Cincinnati Bengals 23 – Philadelphia Eagles 20

Both teams have fallen out of the playoff race. The Bengals are a huge disappointment and the Eagles have lost six of the last eight games. Just to make Marvin Lewis look good the Bengals may pull though in a close one.

Miami Dolphins 21 – Baltimore Ravens 17

The Dolphins are producing on offense and it looks good. If they can make a couple of defensive stops, they will take home this W. This win will keep the Dolphins playoff hopes alive. Ryan Tannehill is playing great and he will keep it that way.

San Francisco 49ers 23 – Chicago Bears 13

Colin Kaepernick is on fire right now. If he was playing all season the 49ers record would be a little better. Maybe it’s the fro. LOL. The Bears just don’t have it this season and I think Kaepernick will have his way Sunday.

Oakland Raiders 33 – Buffalo Bills 28

The Raiders are the truth right now and every needs to believe in them. They have a really strong chance of playing in the Super Bowl. Last week Derek Carr still balled out against Carolina even with a broken finger.

Pittsburgh Steelers 27 – New York Giants 23

The Giants are looking good but so are the Steelers after last week. They looked to get the offense going against the Colts and the are well rested. This will come down to a two-minute drill.

Arizona Cardinals 24 – Team from Washington 20

Because Arizona is playing for their playoff lives I will give them this win. I think they are going to throw everything that they have at Washington.

San Diego Chargers 23 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20

Jameis Winston has been on a heat streak lately but the Buccs just don’t have enough weapons to put a lot of point on the board. San Diego was able to get a win against Houston which kept their playoff hopes alive.

New Orleans Saints 30 – Detroit Lions 27

The Lions don’t have the defense to stop Drew Brees, but this game will be a shootout seeing that both defense are crap. Brees will continue to launch his rockets and get touchdowns.

Carolina Panthers 28 – Seattle Seahawks 23

After last weeks’ game against the Buccs, I’m not sure what problems the Seahawks are having but it looks like a lot of them. I mean five points really. Cam Newton has been playing well and that should continue.

New York Jets 23 – Indianapolis Colts 21

The Jets where able to slow down Tom Brady and company and make that game a nail biter, so you think they can’t do it against the Colts and Andrew Luck? The Colts also don’t have any defense so they can’t relay on their defense to stop anything, or win anything. Look what the Steelers did.


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