Week 10: Predictions

The game I would watch for this week is New England vs Seattle. Tom Brady was on fire before the bye week, which shouldn’t change with the little extra rest. Russel Wilson is still playing injured but he is finding ways to get it done. I have the Patriots winning 27 – 17. 

Baltimore Ravens 29 – Cleveland Browns 13

The Ravens are now in first place in the AFC North after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers. There defense looked good in that game, which should continue. Well it’s only the Browns so that shouldn’t be too hard.

Carolina Panthers 21 – Kansas City Chiefs 13

The Chiefs have won four straight games since their bye week. The Panthers have tightened up in their last two games and I expected their defense to continue to play well.

Houston Texans 21 – Jacksonville Jaguars 20

The Jaguars showed a little fight last week against the Chiefs in their road loss. The Texans will be fresh coming off a bye week. This will still be a close game.

Denver Broncos 24 – New Orleans Saints 20

The Saints gave up 398 passing yards to Colin Kaepernick so the Broncos should be okay. They have the defense to contain Drew Brees and their offense can put a few points on the board.

New York Jets 21 – Los Angeles Rams 10

The Rams need more weapons and they have to find a way to stay healthy. Those are some serious problems that they are having. I’m giving the Jets the benefit of being at home.

Atlanta Falcons 30 – Philadelphia Eagles 28

The Eagles have lost back to back, but that was on the road. They will be able to put up a better fight at home against the Falcons. Julio Hones will be hard to slow down let alone stop. Matt Ryan will also be at home as well, so expect a show.

Chicago Bears 27 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23

The Bears are coming off a by week so they are well rested. The Buccs look a mess on defense and Jay Cutler should be able to take advantage of it.

Green Bay Packers 31 – Tennessee Titans 24

The Packers didn’t look too good against the Colts in that loss on Sunday. Aaron Rodgers said that the team needs to pick up the effort. The Titans will try to get back to running the ball but I don’t know how successful that will be.

The Team from Washington 21 – Minnesota Vikings 17

The Vikings have now lost three weeks in a row. The Vikings offense has lost the little bit of juice that they did have, I like Washington in this one.

Miami Dolphins 21 – San Diego Chargers 20

The Dolphins have found their key, running the ball with Jay Ajayi. He is a major key to their offense. The Chargers stopped the Titans run game but I don’t see the same happening Sunday. I’ll give it to the Dolphins.

Arizona Cardinals 33 – San Francisco 49ers 17

The Cardinals are off a much-needed bye week to get their life together. Hopefully now they will be able to turn their season around. They will have a good start with the 49ers whom defense is non-existing.

Dallas Cowboys 30 – Pittsburgh Steelers 24

Personally I think the combination of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot will be a bit much for the Steelers defense to handle. Big Ben will have to have a great night for them to pull out a win and I’m not sure if he is healthy enough for that.

New England Patriots 27 – Seattle Seahawks 17

The Patriots are rolling on offense and Tom Brady doesn’t look like he can be stopped. Brady will most likely hit his tight ends a lot to get off quick short passes to keep the ball moving.

New York Giants 27 – Cincinnati Bengals 21

The Giants have won three straight and Eli Manning is looking good. I think that kind of play continues here against the Bengals. They have been hot and cold all season.


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