Week 9: Predictions

Expected a lot of good games this week. I have two games of the week this week. The Steelers and the Ravens is one. This is a classic rivalry game but also they are playing for first place in the division just like Denver and Oakland. I have Pittsburgh winning by a touchdown and the Broncos winning in a nail bitter by only three points. Defense will be the deciding factor in the Denver game. The quarterback situation will be a major key for the Steelers. 

Pittsburgh Steelers 27 – Baltimore Ravens 20

Now everyone can say I’m bias or whatever and I don’t care. If Landry Jones was starting this week I would give it to the Ravens but it looks as though Big Ben will be taking the start after getting rest from the bye week. The Ravens will have a hard time stopping Le’Veon Bell who has been on a roll since coming back from his suspension.

Dallas Cowboys 27 – Cleveland Browns 17

The Cowboys are riding high and the Browns have yet to win a game. The Browns have put up a fight almost every week they, just don’t have the weapons to win against some of the elite teams, but the heart is there.

Kansas City Chiefs 27 – Jacksonville Jaguars 21

I love Marcus Peters he is a game changer and he does a lot for that Kanas defense. The Jags are coming off a bad break-up with offensive coordinator Greg Olson.

Miami Dolphins 27 – New York Jets 20

The Dolphins are looking like they can make a playoff push after winning their last two games due to power running. The Jets just don’t have it together as I expected them to this season. The Dolphins will keep rolling behind Jay Ajayi.

Minnesota Vikings 19 – Detroit Lions 16

The Vikings have been exposed! That offensive line is terrible, which can be a huge problem for their season. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lions sneak in a win this week, but the Lions pass rush isn’t great which gives the Vikings an edge.

New York Giants 30 – Philadelphia Eagles 23

The Giants are coming off a bye week and the Eagles are coming off a bad loss. The Eagles need to regroup but I think the Giants pass rush is going to get after Carson Wentz and Eli Manning will have a big day. Look out for Odell Beckham Jr.

Carolina Panthers 23 – Los Angeles Rams 13

Okay so the Panthers didn’t look like kittens last week against the Cardinals, and I was surprised. The Rams are coming off a bye week but they are limited on offense and that isn’t good seeing how Carolina’s defense looked last week.

New Orleans Saints 33 – San Francisco 49ers 17

The Saints looked good in beating Seattle last week. The 49ers are coming off a bye week but that doesn’t mean much. San Francisco’s defense will not be able to match up with Drew Brees who has been on fire all season. Saints win in a major way.

Green Bay Packers 34 – Indianapolis Colts 21

Both teams have defensive issues, so this will be a shootout. Rodgers looks to be back to his old “discount double check” ways so look for him to hit multiple targets today.

Tennessee Titans 24 – San Diego Chargers 20

The Titans looked really good against the Jaguars blowing them out last week. The Chargers need this win though, so they are desperate which makes for a good game, but I’m going to have to give it to the Titans in a close one.

Denver Broncos 23 – Oakland Raiders 20

This is going to be a good one to watch. This is for first place in the division. The Raiders have yet to lose a road game, but they have lost twice at home. Denver’s defense is hard to handle anywhere.

Seattle Seahawks 23 – Buffalo Bills 14

The Bills have lost two straight, I’m not sure what is going on there. The Seahawks have a tie and a lost in their last two game which where on the road. They will be back home for this game so that will help them out.


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