Week 8: Predictions

Last week wasn’t too bad of a week for me, I was 8 of 14. Who was really expecting a tie in the Arizona and Seahawks game? Well I know I wasn’t. My game of the week this week is  of course the Cowboys vs the Eagles and I have the Cowboys taking it in a close one. Dez Bryant is back and Dak Prescott will most definitely get rookie of the year. Check out the rest of my picks below. 

Cincinnati Bengals 30 – The Team from Washington 17

The Bengals were able to pull out a win against the Browns which may get them started to turn their season around. Andy Dalton should a have a good game against a shaky Washington defense.

New England Patriots 28 – Buffalo Bills 20

The Bills won in Week 4 when these two faced off but that was without Tom Brady. The Bills will make this a good game but they will not be able to pull it out.

New York Jets 23 – Cleveland Browns 13

Ryan Fitzpatrick came back to save the day last week and he sounds as if he has something to prove. The Browns have yet to win a game and that probably will not change this week.

Detroit Lions 27 – Houston Texans 24

The Lions have a new attitude. Matt Stafford is looking good and Brock Osweiler isn’t. That’s not good the Texans are going to need help late in the game and he it’s as clutch as his pay check is.

Kansas City Chiefs 27 – Indianapolis Colts 23

Andrew Luck saved the Colts last week in Tennessee but the Chiefs have a much better defense. The way the Colts’ defense gives up points expect the Chiefs to have a field day in the run game.

Seattle Seahawks 21 – New Orleans Saints 14

The Seahawks are playing back to back road game and it’s always hard to win in the Super Dome. Even though Russell Wilson is playing through an injury I think the defense is going to help him out a lot. The Seahawks’ D will be able to slow down Drew Brees and control the tempo.

Oakland Raiders 33 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 29

The Raiders are 4-0 on the road. They are hot baby. This will be a shootout for both offense and the Raiders have more offensive weapons than the Buccs. Latavius Murray will have at least 150 on the ground today.

Arizona Cardinals 27 – Carolina Panthers 21

The Panthers have been looking more like little kitty cats than panthers this season. They are having major issues on defense which will allow Carson Palmer to be able to score at will.

Denver Broncos 23 – San Diego Chargers 21

The Chargers love to give up leads and expect that in this game. The Broncos defense is going to get after Phillip Rivers and the defense will be the reason for a win this Sunday.

Green Bay Packers 35 – Atlanta Falcons 28

The Packers are well rested after being off for 10 days. Their offense got going last week against Chicago. The Falcons’ defense will not be able to contain Aaron Rodgers.

Dallas Cowboys 21 – Philadelphia Eagles 17

The Cowboys will have Dez Bryant back which is a big target for Dak Prescott to hit, it also helps that Bryant always has a good game against the Eagles. The Eagles’ defense will have to stay discipline and watch out for the run game.

Minnesota Vikings 20 – Chicago Bears 17

The Vikings took their first L last week against Philadelphia. Their offensive line got exposed and this is a problem. While seeing that Jay Cutler is the quarterback for the Bears the Vikings’ defense will take care of that.


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