Week 7: Predictions

This week will be a good week for football. Expect to see a lot of close games and exciting fourth quarters. My game of the week this week is Minnesota vs Philadelphia. Can the Vikings stay undefeated? I think so. 

New York Giants 20 – Los Angeles Rams 17

The Rams’ defense is unhealthy so they will have a hard time slowing down a Giants’ offense that seems cracked up after last week’s game against the Ravens. Odell Beckham Jr. is playing through an injury so be sure to watch out for that.

Cincinnati Bengals 28 – Cleveland Browns 16

After losing two back to back games the Bengals need an easy win. This may get the Bengals rolling to turn their season around.

Detroit Lions 35 – The Team from Washington 31

Washington has won four game straight and they are looking good. Their defense is their weakest link and that will be the problem. They will need a late defensive stop to win in this offensive shootout.

Oakland Raiders 30 – Jacksonville Jaguars 27

The Raiders have yet to lose a game on the road. They are having some defensive issues that will keep this game close but that young and explosive offense will score early and often.

Kansas City Chiefs 30 – New Orleans Saints 21

The Chiefs’ running game is A-1 right now. They will control the game clock and run the ball as much as possible. So don’t expect to see Drew Brees on the field that much. When Brees is on the field the Chiefs’ front seven will get after him.

Buffalo Bills 30 – Miami Dolphins 24

The Dolphins got it going last week against the Steelers. The Bills need this win bad before they start a really tough schedule. LeSean McCoy will make sure that happens.

New York Jets 27 – Baltimore Ravens 21

The Ravens will have a hangover from last week’s lost to the Giants. Beckham exposed that defense gaining a total of 222 yards. Look for Brandon Marshall to get off.

Minnesota Vikings 23 – Philadelphia Eagles 20

The Vikings are coming off of a bye week so they are well rested. This defense is going to eat Carson Wentz alive. Sam Bradford might be playing with a little chip on his shoulder as well.

Tennessee Titans 23 – Indianapolis Colts 20

After blowing that huge lead late in the fourth to Houston last week I have zero faith in the Colts defense. The Titans are going to run the ball down the Colts throat which will be easy seeing that the Colts are ranked 28th run defense.

Atlanta Falcons 31 – San Diego Chargers 29

The Chargers love to give up leads and the Falcons are explosive on offense, what more do I have to say. The Falcons’ offense is better than the Chargers and this will be an offensive game.

San Francisco 49ers 23 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20

The Buccs are coming off a bye week and that is always good. Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers are desperate for a win and will fight hard to get it.

New England Patriots 34 – Pittsburgh Steelers 17

The Steelers have a hard time winning without Big Ben and they will not have him for 4 to 6 weeks so there goes the season…maybe. They will lose this game. Tom Brady is on a mission and no one will be able to stop him. Hopefully later in the season we will see the match-up of Brady vs. Roethlisberger.

Arizona Cardinals 23 – Seattle Seahawks 20

With this win Seattle can take a hold on the division lead. David Johnson will have to put the Cardinals on his back and run them to a victory.

Denver Broncos 28 – Houston Texans 14

This is Brock Osweiler homecoming and Denver’s defense will get after him. The Texans will not be able to stop the Broncos from scorning.


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