Week 6 Predictions

Okay so last week I was only 7 of 13. I was some crazy losses that I didn’t expect like the Broncos and the Panthers. The Panthers have been the biggest upset for me this season. This has been a hard season for me to make picks. 

Denver Broncos 23 – San Diego Chargers 17

The Chargers just do not want to win. In all four of their losses they have found some type of way to blow a lead. It may be bad karma for some reason. The Broncos will have Trevor Siemian back and the Broncos defense will not allow Philip Rivers to run up the score.

Buffalo Bills 27 – San Francisco 49ers 23

The 49ers will have quarterback Colin Kaepernick back and you will have to put some respect on his name. I think Kaepernick will have a good game but the 49ers’ defense will not be able to stop the Bills run game, which has been booming as of late.

Jacksonville Jaguars 24 – Chicago Bears 20

The Bears have a quarterback situation going on and that isn’t good for business. Jacksonville is coming off of a bye week and they looked good beating up on the Colts in London. What happen in London will indeed carry over to this week.

Detroit Lions 21 – Los Angeles Rams 17

The Rams have way too many problems this season to be successful. They have multiple defensive injuries and their quarterback is horrible. The Lions can get to .500 with a with here but the game will be tight.

Pittsburgh Steelers 33 – Miami Dolphins 17

This may sound bias but the Steelers are looking like a Super Bowl contender. They are a completely different team when Le’Veon Bell is playing. They just make it look so easy to score and Miami’s defense will not be a factor.

New England Patriots 31 – Cincinnati Bengals 21

First what is wrong with the Bengals? They are not the same team as they where last year. Second they are playing Tom Brady and company and that will not be easy. Brady is playing with a vengeance, he threw for over 400 yards last week, expect that performance to continue.

Carolina Panthers 33 – New Orleans Saints 30

Cam Newton will be back this week after missing last week due to concussion protocol. I think Clark Kent will step in the phone booth as Newton needs to win this game to save the season. It’s clear it will be a quarterback shootout as both defenses will need to beef up during the next offseason.

New York Giants 31 – Baltimore Ravens 21

I think the Giants will get back on track in this game after those back to back road losses. The Ravens will try to play on the fly after firing offensive coordinator Marc Trestman.

Philadelphia Eagles 30 – The Team From Washington 17

The Eagles defense will shut down Washington in this game. This game is for the second spot in the NFC East.

Tennessee Titans 21 – Cleveland Browns 13

The Titans ran the ball with power last week and I liked it, I liked it a lot. They will continue that kind of play against the Browns as this should be an easy win.

Oakland Raiders 27 – Kansas City Chiefs 20 (my game of the week)

The Raiders are looking really good. Other teams need to look out for these young guns. The Raiders are tied for the number one spot in the AFC West. Kansas City has a good defense but their offense is only ranked 22nd.

Green Bay Packers 24 – Dallas Cowboys 17

I don’t think the Cowboys have had this good of a season in a long time and it is a true shocker. The way Dak Prescott preforms in this road game will determine if Dallas will keep him as the starter when Tony Romo returns. Aaron Rodgers will bring this one home.

Seattle Seahawks 27 – Atlanta Falcons 21

The Falcons have no problems scoring but their defense is the question. Seattle looked good before their bye week. I think Russell Wilson will have a big game here.

Houston Texans 27 – Indianapolis Colts 23

Even though the Texans looked awful in a lost against the Vikings last week they have won all of their home games. The Colts won last week but they don’t have all of their problems worked out. I’m going to give the Texans the advantage because they are at home.

Arizona Cardinals 28 – New York Jets 16

Carson Palmer will be back this week after missing last Thursday’s game due to concussion. The Jets are struggling at 1-4 and are looking to go 1 -5 because the have some real issues that need to be worked out.


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