Week 5: Predictions

Okay so I haven’t been the best with my picks as of late I have been a little shaky. Well I got the sauce, the juice and everything else back this week. This week is the turn around week for me. 

Baltimore Ravens 27 – The Team from Washington 20

The Ravens are looking good even after that lost last week. The way Washington has been playing I don’t think they will be able to keep up with the Ravens.

New England Patriots 33 – Cleveland Browns 14

Ha-ha. Do I really need to explain this? Tom Brady is a back and the Pats are probably not to happy about last week’s lost to the Bills. Brady will make a statement today.

Detroit Lions 27 – Philadelphia Eagles 26

The Eagles are coming off of a bye week but Carson Wentz wasn’t playing to well before that. I think the Lions d-line will get after Wentz and have him shaken up.

Indianapolis Colts 31 – Chicago Bears 17

Both of these teams need a victory. The Colts have been the absolute biggest disappointment to me so far in the season, they are 1-3. Like is that even real? This game they should get back on track to put themselves in a position to fight for a playoff spot.

Miami Dolphins 24 – Tennessee Titans 13

Miami will have 10 days of rest before kickoff that will be a plus. The Dolphins are at home and the Titans just aren’t that good. That is a combination for a win for the Dolphins.

Minnesota Vikings 23 – Houston Texans 10

The Vikings have the best defense in the league right now. There is nothing else to be said. Defense wins’ games offense sells tickets. Brock Osweiler has ben very inconsistent and Sam Bradford will stay hot.

Pittsburgh Steelers 31 – New York Jets 20

The Jets defense didn’t look good against the Seahawks and the Steelers have a power house offense. With Le’Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams in the back field the Jets will not know what to do.

Denver Broncos 27 – Atlanta Falcons 23

Atlanta has a high scoring offense but this will be their biggest test yet. The Flacons will have to block and stop Denver’s front line. Trevor Siemian may miss this game which will make rookie Paxton Lynch the starter. That shouldn’t be a problem though.

Cincinnati Bengals 23 – Dallas Cowboys 17

The Bengals are well rested after 10 days off. Dak Prescott has lead the Cowboys to 3-1 record but look for the Bengals to stop the run and making Prescott throw the ball. Defense will win this one for the Bengals.

Los Angeles Rams 20 – Buffalo Bills 14

This was a hard one for me to pick. The Rams have been playing great defense but the Bills just beat the Patriots last week. They have the fight in them to win this week but I’m going to give the edge to the Rams.

Oakland Raiders 28 – San Diego Chargers 23

The Chargers will get off to an early lead and then lose. They have blown two leads in their two road games. The Raiders are good and will score late under pressure to win this one at home.

Green Bay Packers 30 – New York Giants 20

Odell Beckham Jr. has to really get out of his feelings and play ball. Aaron Rodgers is coming off of a bye and Eli Manning and company are coming off of a brutal Monday night lost. Rodgers will score early and often.

Carolina Panthers 23 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14

The Buccs aren’t playing well, but they don’t have to worry about Cam Newtown, as he will miss Monday night’s game due to his concussion. The Buccs will still lose but it won’t be too bad.


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