Week4: Predictions

After last week I need to bounce back in a major way. I’m ready October football to get here then my picks will be better… hopefully. Maybe I have just been thinking too much. Just maybe. This week will be my turn around point.

Cincinnati Bengals 30 – Miami Dolphins 17

The Dolphins got their first win against the Browns but it wasn’t an easy win. With the run defense that the Dolphins have the Bengals run game may be too much for the Dolphins to handle.

Indianapolis Colts 31 – Jacksonville Jaguars 24

I’m starting to lose hope in the Jags, they where my sleeper team. The Colts got their first win last week and they look pretty good. Andrew Luck will keep it going.

Houston Texans 24 – Tennessee Titans 13

The Texans will have 10 days of rest before this game kicks off. J.J. Watt is out but I don’t think that will cause them to lose this game. The Titans have been very run heavy I don’t think that will work this week.

The Team from Washington 31 – Cleveland Browns 17

Once again the Browns are not good. Washington got a well needed victory last week against the Giants which should boost morale. Washington takes it with ease.

New York Jets 21 – Seattle Seahawks 17

The Seahawks surprised me last week. The Jets defense has been pretty good this year and Russell Wilson is battling a knee injury. That is something to look out for.

New England Patriots 27 – Buffalo Bills 17

The Pats haven’t lost with back-up quarterback so I don’t think that is stopping this week either. The Bills looked good in their win last week but I don’t think they will be able to hang with the Patriots.

Atlanta Falcons 33 – Carolina Panthers 30

So the Panthers are not what they were last season, they are missing something and I’m not sure what it is. The Falcons are 2-1 and Matt Ryan is looking really good. The Falcons beat the Panthers in this same game last week.

Baltimore Ravens 24 – Oakland Raiders 21

This is the Raiders second road game and its across the country. The Ravens have been playing really good and Joe Flacco will keep it going.

Detroit Lions 21 – Chicago Bears 20

The Bears have yet to win a game and they are battling a few injuries. Even though the Lions lost to the Packers they started to fight back in the end and they have been looking pretty good this season. They just need to play a complete game.

Denver Broncos 32 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17

The Broncos have yet to lose and it looks like they are just pick up where they left off from last year. The Bucs can’t hold a candle stick to the Broncos and that’s all that needs to be said.

Arizona Cardinals 28 – Los Angeles Rams 10

The Cardinals are looking a little shaky but this should be a solid win this week. The Rams defense is good so it won’t be an easy win for Carson Palmer but he will find a way.

San Diego Chargers 30 – New Orleans Saints 20

The Saints have to travel on a short week after a lost to the Falcons and that isn’t fun. The Saints defense will need to make a stop for them to win this game and that probably won’t happen. Have you seen their defense?

San Francisco 49ers 23 – Dallas Cowboys 20

Dez Bryant is questionable to play this week. I like Dak Prescott a lot but I don’t thin this week is his week with him maybe missing his biggest target. The game will be close though.

Pittsburgh Steelers 30 – Kansas City Chiefs 23

After that butt whopping that the Steelers got they should be hunting for blood. They will have Le’Veon Bell back which is a plus. So expect the Steelers to run and run hard with Le’Veon and De’Angleo Williams.

Minnesota Vikings 21 – New York Giants 16

The Minnesota defense is going to give the the Giants everything that they have. The Vikings haven’t given up more that 16 points in their last eight games. This will be number nine.





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