Week 3: Predictions

Another week and more predictions. Last week I was much better with my predictions. I was 10-15 seeing that I didn’t make a predictions on the the Thursday night game but it did go the way that I thought. This week will be even better. 

Arizona Cardinals 31 – Buffalo Bills 20

The Bills defense is not as scrappy as it was last season and they just fired their offensive coordinator. The Cardinals was hot against the Buccs last week and they will keep that rolling. Carson Palmer will light up this bad defense.

Carolina Panthers 24 – Minnesota Vikings 14

After the big division win against the Packers Sunday night the Vikings will be without Adrian Peterson which is scary, especially against the NFC Champs. The Vikings’ defense will be very important in this game but I think Cam Newton will get the better.

Denver Broncos 23 – Cincinnati Bengals 17

This is the first home game for the Bengals and the first road game for Trevor Siemian. The Bengals’ o-line will have their hands full this week which is the reason why they will lose. Their o-line has had trouble protecting Andy Dalton the way that they should be.

Green Bay Packers 23 – Detroit Lions 17

The Packers haven’t looked good this season. While this is their first home game the Lions have been hot this season. Aaron Rodgers should have a big game.

Jacksonville Jaguars 28 – Baltimore Ravens 24

Granted the Ravens are 2-0 but who have they really played? No one! So that 2-0 means nothing. This will be a good game but the Jags are playing for their season lives here and that’s what will push them through.

Miami Dolphins 30 – Cleveland Browns 13

The Browns are just bad and there is no way around it, below, over it or through it. DeVante Parker got off last week and expect that from the team as a whole.

New York Giants 23 – The Team from Washington 16

The infamous battle of Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. The Giants are looking good on both sides of the ball. I don’t think Kirk Cousins will be able to hang.

Oakland Raiders 21 – Tennessee Titans 17

The Raiders were awful last week at home but I think they will get their act right this week. The Raiders will have to contain the Titans run game in order to win.

San Francisco 49ers 23 – Seattle Seahawks 17

The Seahawks have scored a combined 15 points in two weeks. Russell isn’t playing like we know he can and it has effected the entire offense. If they win this game, it will be a shocker by the way they have been playing. The defensive will have to score for the Seahawks to win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20 – Los Angeles Rams 10

The Rams have yet to score an offensive touchdown this season and the Buccs are playing their home opener. That is a bad combination.

San Diego Charges 31 – Indianapolis Colts 28

The Colts are off to a rocky start. San Diego got back on track last week. This will be a shootout between two quarterbacks. Phillip Rivers will win.

Kansas City Chiefs 20 – New York Jets 17

The Jets are playing back to back road games which is a factor. The Chiefs will get things started early this week.

Pittsburg Steelers 27 – Philadelphia Eagles 26

Another nail bitter for the Steelers. The Eagles defense has been very impressive in their last two victories but they will face a battle against the Steelers offense. It’s so loaded.

Dallas Cowboys 29 – Chicago Bears 13

The Bears looked like crap on Monday and they also have a lot of injuries. The Cowboys have done a nice job without Tony Romo. I like Dak Prescott and I expect him to have a good day.

New Orleans Saints 35 – Atlanta Falcons 31

The battle of division rivals, which always makes things very interesting. Drew Brees will win the shootout with Matt Ryan.



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