Week 2 Predictions

Okay so It’s time to make my picks. Last week I was a little shabby with my picks missing 7 out of 16 but it was week 1, now it’s time to shake the rust off. There where some great games played, most of them where nail bitters.

Carolina Panthers 30 – San Francisco 49ers 17

The 49ers looked good last week but that was against the Rams. I think Cam Newton will shake off last weeks lost and have his way with this defense. Newton and company didn’t look bad against the Broncos they just didn’t play a full 4 quarters.

Baltimore Ravens 28 – Cleveland Browns 13

The Browns are just bad and it’s noting around that. To add insult to injury RG3 will be out for 10-12 weeks after tweaking his shoulder against the Eagles. The Ravens really surprised me last week they looked really good.

Detroit Lions 30 – Tennessee Titans 20

Who thought the Lions would come out swinging like that in the first week? I for sure didn’t. The Lions can put points up on the board with no problems. Matthew Stafford will have another big game.

Houston Texans 27 – Kanas City Chiefs 23

This will be a close game and the Chiefs will have a chance in the fourth to make a push but the Texans defense looked damn good last week, and with their offense being lead by Brock Osweller I see a win for them.

New England Patriots 21 – Miami Dolphins 17

This will be a very good game to watch. The Dolphins had a chance last week against the Seahawks but blew the game in the 4th quarter. Without Brady the Pats are not the same but they will pull this one out.

New York Giants 37 – New Orleans Saints 28

This game will be an offensive show down. With Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr. together the Saints defense will have their hands full. Cruz and Beckham will have multiple touchdowns.

Pittsburg Steelers 28 – Cincinnati Bengals 27

This is going to be a quarterback shootout. Both teams are missing key players due to suspensions but the game will still be good neither less, going down to the last minutes. I’m really on the fence about this game because of the way the Bengals looked last week against the Jets only winning by a point. The Steelers didn’t have a problem scoring against the Team from Washington, but their defense can be shaky. I’m going to edge this one out to the Steelers but I’m still on the fence.

Dallas Cowboys 21 – Washington 17

After that lost to the Steelers I lost some faith in Washington. With a young team Dallas looked good against the Giants. I think Dak Prescott will have a decent game against Washington but Ezekiel Elliott will blossom this game.

Arizona Cardinals 33 – Tampa Bay Buccs 27

Jameis Winston looked really good against the Falcons last week but now he will face a much better defense. I think he will have a decent game but Tampa Bay’s defense will not hold up to the Cardinals.

Los Angeles Rams 17 – Seattle Seahawks 13

This will be a defensive game. Russell Wilson will be playing with a high ankle sprain so he will be limited and probably won’t be able to run like normal. Because the Rams beat up Wilson every time they play and he isn’t that mobile this week the Rams will get their first win in Los Angeles.

Denver Broncos 26 – Indianapolis Colts 17

The Broncos showed everyone why they are the champs last week. Even though the Colts offensive was very electrifying last week against the Lions they will get slowed down this week by the Broncos defense.

Oakland Raiders 31 – Atlanta Falcons 21

This will be a tough turnaround for the Falcons after losing at home to Tampa Bay. The Raiders looked amazing against the Saints last week as I expected. They are a definite playoff contender this year. Atlanta needs to work on it’s defense and the Raiders offense is too good for them.

Jacksonville Jaguars 21 – San Diego Chargers 20

The Chargers will keep it close but I think this young Jaguar team will brush off last week’s lost and show up this game.

Green Bay Packers 23 – Minnesota Vikings 20

This is going to be a wonderful game. It’s going to be tight all the way until the end. I think Sam Bradford will start this week and he will keep the offense rolling. Aaron Rodgers will just out smart the defense.

Chicago Bears 21 – Philadelphia Eagles 17

Carson Wentz looked really good last week but this will be his first road game so expect nerves to be a factor. Chicago is a lot better than the Titans so Wentz will have a lot more trouble than he did last week. Chicago looked good for one half last week let’s see how they look for an entire game.


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