It’s About That Time: Week 1 Predictions

Cheers to the season. The time for football is finally upon us and what a beautiful time of the year. It’s time for a fresh start for all 32 teams. Some will pick up where they left off and some will shock the world… well at least try to.

Week 1 is the hardest week to make predictions, injuries haven’t really taken a toll on teams yet and we haven’t really seen what each team has to offer. This week I’m going to give my predictions but also give me early predictions for the playoffs.

The Usual:

Cam Newtown and company will most definitely pick up where they left off last season, with no worries. Some say that that losing/failure will change a person more than success ever will, and I agree. Newton will have a chip on his shoulder with no doubt the Carolina Panthers are going to the play-offs this year.screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-10-40-41-am

Along with the Newtown’s chip Tom Brady will have one as well. After being suspend for the first four games of the season Brady will come into game five with an attitude and on fire. As my mother says he will be like Zeus on the field throwing straight lighting bolts.

Some other usual’s to expect in the play-offs is Green Bay, Cincinnati, Seattle and Arizona.

The Maybes:

Okay so I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings about your team not being a definite play-off contender but some just don’t make the cut.

Denver most definitely has potential to go back to the play-offs, their defense alone will push them there but you must put points on the board. That’s the name of the game to score touchdowns baby. With the quarterback situation that the Broncos have going on worries me, they have good receivers and everything else but there needs to be someone to facilitate the ball.screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-10-45-24-am

I will be the first to say it I’m a Pittsburg Steeler fan but I have to be honest with myself and all the other Steel Curtain fans. I didn’t like the way the Steelers looked during preseason. Maybe they can show me something else Monday night.

I can’t forget about the Houston Texans. It’s not that they are not play off ready it’s that they leave me disappointed at the end of the season. Maybe I’m expecting too much from them, but think they can really be great and get to the play-offs and shake some things up. I love me some J.J. Watt.

Other teams that have the possibility to come through is Indianapolis, New Orleans, Kanas City, Washington, and the New York Giants. Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz is back that’s going to be exciting. Let me not forget about Minnesota. They are a play-off ready team even without Teddy Bridgewater, but people are most definitely sleeping on them.

The Shockers:

Last but not least my shockers for the season, also known as my sleepers. Some of these teams are going to leave you breathless.

People need to really look out for Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders and the Los Angeles Rams (that’s really weird for me to say lol). All of these teams are screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-10-44-21-ammost definitely sleepers. I expect at least two of them to go to play-offs I just have decided on both the Raiders are most defentily going. All of these teams have been in the remodeling stage and now it’s time to shine. Jameis Winston will carry Tampa Bay and the Jets just feel a little short last year. That short coming will push them far this year. People must watch out for Todd Gurley he is THAT MAN, please believe me when I tell you. Really
the Raiders are going to the play-offs this is is their year, but they are still a shocker for most. They had a problem closing out games to me but they are good team they are just young.

Well They Are Here:

For all of the other teams that I didn’t mention like Dallas, Miami and Detroit I just don’t think much is going to change for those teams. I just don’t have any faith in Detroit nor Dallas right now. Detroit is still rebuilding and Dallas needs to get rid of Tony Romo and Jerry Jones. Their time is up Romo keeps getting hurt and Jones is too controlling. For teams like Miami and Buffalo they are going to have a decent season just not play-off ready as they are still building as well.




Carolina Panthers 23 – Denver Broncos 21

Atlanta Falcons 24 – Tampa Bay Buccs 17

Buffalo Bills 27 – Baltimore Ravens 17

Houston Texans 16 – Chicago Bears 13

Jacksonville Jaguars 24 – Green Bay Packers 20

Kanas City Chiefs 17 – San Diego 13

Oakland Raiders 23 –New Orleans Saints 21

Cincinnati Bengals 27 – New York Jets 23

Philadelphia Eagles 26 – Cleveland Browns 10

Minnesota Vikings 21 – Tennessee Titans 17

Seattle Seahawks 28 – Miami Dolphins 17

New York Giants 27 – Dallas Cowboys 17

Indianapolis Colts 31 – Detroit Lions 24

Arizona Cardinals 30 – New England Patriots 21

Pittsburg Steelers 30 – The Team from Washington 27

Los Angeles Rams 16 – San Francisco 49ers 10


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