What do you think of the “Madden NFL 17” player ratings?

The new “Madden NFL 17” video game has been released and things where done  a little different this year. There are only four players rated at level the 99 and let’s say some players are not happy about that, like Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. He was given the rating of an overall 90 in the game and he wasn’t happy about it to say the least.

“They would do me like that? Oh my God,” a smiling Bryant told The Dallas Morning News after Friday’s preseason game. “That is an insult, like why would you do that to me? How much I love y’all. Like, what? Not John Madden, because I love him. It’s the developers.”

Bryant takes his video games very seriously. He’s also considered among the game’s best receivers, but he was rated as the No. 8 receiver in the game. Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, A.J. Green, Odell Beckham Jr., DeAndre Hopkins, Larry Fitzgerald and Alshon Jeffery are each rated higher than Bryant.

The people who run the video game’s Twitter decided to poke the sleeping giant a little bit and have some fun after Bryant’s comments. Posting a video of Bryant doing a kickoff.  Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 8.42.14 PM

We’re just going to see what happens,” Bryant said on Friday. “Like I told Madden, they put me at 90, I’m not worried about that. That rating going to shoot up real quick, you best believe that.”

For all of my “Mdadden” and NFL fans, do you think the developers got the ratings and rankings right with this one?


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