Joey Bosa Is Still Holding Out

What rookie holds out this long for a contract and has yet to prove himself? Joey Bosa that’s who. Bosa could potinetally be sitting out this season after the San Diego Chargers announced that they had pulled their offer to the rookie defensive end from Ohio State. This is after Bosa declined the team’s “best offer” on Wednesday. 

The Chargers said in a statement that they presented Bosa with an offer Tuesday night that included:a n initial signing bonus payment that is larger than any rookie has received in the past two NFL drafts; more money in 2016 than every rookie in this year’s class except the Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz; the “largest payment and the highest percentage of signing bonus received in the first calendar” of any Chargers first-round pick since the adoption of the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement in 2011.

According to a source familiar with the negotiation, the Chargers offered to pay Bosa 85 percent of his $17 million signing bonus at the time of signing and the rest in the new league calendar year in March. Bosa’s camp remained steadfast in receiving the entire signing bonus by the end of this year.Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.07.49 PM

Bosa has been holding out with participate in any of the offseason activities and that will effect his career negatively. It’s not really heard of for rookies to hold out like this for a contract. Even though he was drafted third overall does that give him the leverage to hold out this long?

With him missing most of the offseason activities he has missed out on developing relationships with his teammates and coaches. If he keeps this up he may never get a contract, at least not with San Diego. The longer he holds out the more that is taken away from his contract. Hopefully he isn’t foolish enough to wait until next draft to get drafted again. There are other guys out here who are hungry for his sport on the roster. Right now because of this situation someone does have his spot for the time being.

Bosa cannot be traded this season as, according to NFL rules, he had until Aug. 8 to sign his contract in order for the Chargers to trade his rights to another team. If he were to remain unsigned this season, he is permitted only to sign with the Chargers until the first day of the 2017 draft.

Bosa’s father, John, was also a holdout as an NFL rookie. John Bosa was a defensive lineman drafted No. 16 by the Miami Dolphins in 1987 and held out 41 days before signing his rookie contract, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

The Chargers dropped Bosa from third string to fourth string at defensive end on the team’s latest depth chart. Darius Philon is listed as the starter, followed by Tenny Palepoi, Zamir Carlis and Bosa.


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