Josh Brown and Domestic Violence

The NFL suspend New York Giants kicker Josh Brown for one game after being arrested form domestic violence. This suspension will cause Brown to miss the first game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sept. 11. 

According to the police report, Brown was arrested May 2015on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. He was booked into jail and released on a $2,000 bond.

“While I don’t agree with the suspension; I will accept it,” Brown said in a statement released by the Giants. “I have exhausted the appeal process and have no other options along those lines.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 9.22.54 AM

While Brown doesn’t agree with the suspension, his ex-wife spoke out about Browns problems with domestic violence. Molly Brown said that her ex-husband had been physically violent with her on more than 20 occasions. She also said that she had to get a protective order against Brown but it was later dropped after the process they had made in counseling and Brown apologized to not only Molly but wrote a letter to family and friends to admit his wrongs.

The leagues said during their investigation Ms.Brown denied speaking to them so they had no knowledge of the extent of the problems between the two. SO they came to the one game suspension.


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