How Long Will Adrian Peterson


The clock is starting to tick. Minnesota Viking’s running back Adrian Peterson is 31 years-old and he is approaching his 10th season as a running back in the NFL. What will he do? Will father time win this battle or will Peterson not allow his age define him.

Peterson is striving for another 1,000 yard season. Only 12 players in NFL history have run for 1,000 yards at age 31; Peterson will attempt to become the 13th this fall. Should he stay healthy, no one around him — or with the Vikings, for that matter — sees a drop-off on the horizon. How long can he keep it up? That probably has more to do with what he wants than it does with what he can take.Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.04.36 PM

“We’ll see how things play out,” Peterson said. “I think you just have to wait for that time to come, and it will feel right, or it will feel wrong. Right now, it feels good. It feels right (to be playing).”

Peterson has always being an unstoppable back with incredible speed. His trainer James Cooper says that Peterson can do it and can play long enough to break Emmitt Smith’s career rushing record. He also said that age will not make Peterson walk away from the game but the grind of the NFL.

As the season gets closer and closer we will see if Adrian Peterson will beat the clock of life and body.


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