Stephen Bowen Retires at 32

Defensive End Stephen Bowen is calling it quits after 10-years in the league with three different teams. Bowen played with the Dallas Cowboys for his first five years then followed by four years with the Washington Redskins and his final year with the New York Jets.

Bowen was not a super star during his first few years. He climbed from the bottom as a undrafted free agent with the Cowboys to a key starter with Washington. He shines bright in the 2012 NFC East title game. Before his knee issues he made an impact by being a team captain.

Bowen, who played at Hofstra, was mostly a reserve in Dallas, starting 11 games (nine in 2010), prompting the Redskins to sign him as a free agent after the season. He started one game with the Jets while appearing in 15

Before he joined Washington, Bowen and his wife lost their 4-month-old son, Skyler, to complications from a premature birth. That prompted him to start Skyler’s Gift Foundation, designed to help families facing a similar tragedy. That same year, Bowen’s mother-in-law died. Despite this, Bowen started all 16 games and teammates voted him the Redskins’ recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award. 

Bowen finished his career with 12.5 sacks, six coming in 2011.


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