The Downfall of Johnny Manziel

Cleveland Browns’s quarterback Johnny Manziel takes one step forward to run five steps back. After showing a little bit of light this season on the field Manziel continues to get into trouble off the field. Last week Manziel was accused of hitting his ex-girlfriend during an altercation in Dallas. 

While Manziel will not be charged he still has to deal with the NFL. He will most likely be fined and this isn’t his first offense. The Browns also released a statement stating that “when permitted by the league rules they would address Manziel’s status.”

Last month LeBron James dropped Manziel as a client from James’ LRMR marketing firm. After the latest incident his agent Erik Burkhardt cut ties with him as well. Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 11.40.51 AM

Manziel’s ex-girlfriend has put a protective order against the Browns’ quarterback. According to the order Manziel cannot see Colleen Crowley for two years. The order was sign by District Judge Mike Sinha on Wednesday. Dallas police has opened an investigation after a domestic violence complaint was filed adjacent the quarterback.

Manziel has bee on a downward spiral since he was in college. After he went to rehab for his drinking it seemed as if he would start to work his way up. His father doesn’t believe so. He made a statement Friday saying that if his son doesn’t get help soon he will not make it to see his 24th birthday. Manziel has refused to check into rehab twice in the past two weeks. His father also believes that his son is suicidal.

If Manziel wants the help the NFL and the Browns have made statements saying they are more than willing to help.



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