Reggie Wanye Is Hanging Up His Cleats 

Veteran receiver Reggie Wayne is ready to hang it up after 14 NFL seasons in which he caught more than 1,000 passes. 

“Yeah, I’m done,” Wayne told WTTV CBS-4 in Indianapolis on Friday. “It was fun, but it’s time. It’s just time. Whenever you can admit that you’re done, you know you’re done.”

Wayne, who did not play this season after asking for his release from the New England Patriots after the final preseason game, told the station that his watershed moment came when he attended an Indianapolis Colts game on Nov. 29 as a fan — the first time that he had done that since he was in college.

“I finally turned into a fan, a real fan,” Wayne told the station. “You know me, I’ve got my adult beverage. I’m eating some popcorn. I’m watching fans’ reactions. I’m watching the Jumbotron. I’m literally enjoying the game without having to do all the thinking.

 “I thought that was the final notch for me. I felt like I needed that to help get me over that hump. A lot of guys who go to games come away and say, ‘You know what? I can still do that.’ But I needed that to realize, ‘You know what? This ain’t half bad.”

Wayne is a six-time Pro Bowlers and ranks seventh in NFL history with 1,070 receptions. He is also No. 8 with 14,345 career receiving yards. He scored 82 touchdowns in 14 seasons with the Colts and also won Super Bowl 41.

Wayne will go down as one of the best to ever put on a Colts jersey as he has he holds many records there. He will most likely be a future Hall-of-Famer.

As we say bye to the great Reggie Wayne and wish great things for him in the future. I think right now he will enjoy being a fan to the game and later find another hobby.


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