Chip Kelly is Headed to San Fransisco 

Former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly will take his talents to the San Fransisco 49ers. San Fran announced Kelly as their new head coach Friday. Kelly was fired from the Eagles a week before the season ended after coaching for three seasons.

The race came down to Kelly and
Mike Shanahan. Once Shanahan backed out he job was all Kelly’s. The 52-year-old Kelly, who was fired in his third season as coach of the Philadelphia Eagles with one week to go in the regular season, will receive a four-year deal worth $24 million from the 49ers. The Eagles still owe Kelly $13 million over the next two years but that will cancel out because of the deal with the 49ers.

 Kelly runs a high-power fast paced offense. The way his offense is set quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be perfect for the job if he is healthy. He is recovering from three surgeries, left shoulder, right thumb and left knee.

I think Kelly’s offense is exactly what Kaepernick will need. Only time will tell.



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  1. As an Eagles fan I am more than glad to be shut of Kelly. I was against his hiring to begin with and from there he began digging the hole. Many other fans didn’t see it because of the two 10 – 6 seasons, but there was a lot of smoke and mirrors involved with producing those wins. My blog is loaded with warning sign after warning sign and predictions that came true, but still people needed (almost pathologically) to believe in this guy.

    My only misgiving with firing him now is the timing. I think canning him after just bad year after what most would call two good ones, scares off the really good candidates and leave us hiring guys like…well like Doug Pederson. (Who’s staff is being hired FOR HIM.)

    Other than that, San Fran can have Kelly.

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