The Reasons Marvin Lewis Still Has a Job

There really isn’t multiple reasons, just one, stability. Marvin Lewis has a lifetime record of 0-7 in the postseason with the Bengals. Most coaches would’ve been fired this Sunday morning after Saturday’s list the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Learning from their in-state rival up the road, the Cleveland Browns that stability is well needed. They can’t find a quarterback and they have front office and GM issues.

Lewis could be the Bengals problem or it could be something else. They had a wonderful regular season and honestly if it wasn’t for Andy Dalton being hurt they probably would’ve won the game against the Steelers.Can you really blame that lost on Lewis? In the second half the coaching great on both sides of the ball. The fumble is what put the ball back into the hands of the Steelers offense. What really lost the Bengals the game was not the fumble but the two penalties to place Pittsburgh in field goal position.

 Can you blame Lewis for not being able to get his team under control? Some can he should’ve did a better job with controlling the team because the basically gave the game away. While others say you can’t control grown men.

At the of the day there where men out there full of emotions and they didn’t know how to control them. Personally I can’t blame this lost on Lewis.

Both teams where full of emotions but the Bengals allowed their emotions to get the best of them when the game was on the line.

The game can’t be blamed on the refs either. They threw every flag that was possible. The Pittsburgh Steelers will face the Denver Broncos Sunday January 17 at 4:40 p.m. in the playoffs.


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