Road Team Warriors

The road teams took home all the victories this weekend. It’s suppose to be a bonus when a team has home field. They can get their fans in behind them and make things very uncomfortable for the visiting team. This weekend that did not matter at all. So much for home field advantage.  

The Kanas City Chiefs let everyone know they where here and ready to play. They did not even allow the Texans to score a field gold let alone a touchdown, winning 30 to zero.

The Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Cincinnati Bengals at their home turf. They did more than just playing football. The game got pretty chippy. The Bengals let their emotions get the best of them and gave the game away. The Steelers won 18 to 16.

The Seahawks and the Vikings both played amazing defense. It all came down to a 27 yard- field goal with 22 seconds left to win the game. Under pressure kicker Blair Walsh could not come through. The miss gave the Seahawks the win 10 to 9.

The Packers went to Washington to prove a point. A point they did prove. During this game the looked like the team the did early in the season that people had going to the Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers and company got the offense going and won 35 to 18.

So far the road teams are bring it. Let’s see what next week will hold.


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