Wild Card Predictions 

The season is starting to come to an end and the war has begun. The fight is not over until the battle is won. Which teams will leave it all on the field today?

Texans 20 – Chiefs 14

No one thought that these two teams would be playing in the wild card game this season after getting into some early trouble. Both teams did a major turn around with the Chiefs winning 10 straight and the Texans winning three in a row.

Houston has Brain Hoyer back under center which is a major plus but lost Duane Browns who helps keep him protected. Will the Texans be able to stop the Chiefs’ outside pass rushers without him?

The Texans defense has been on point lately and sometimes it’s good to take a loss before the playoffs come. I think Houston can slow down Kansas City’s run game the key will have to be Alex Smith.

Steelers 22 – Bengals 20

The Bengals are without Andy Dalton this week which is why they needed that bi-week so bad. Is A.J. McCarron ready for the big stage? This will be his fourth straight start.

Even though the Steelers can rack up big numbers on offense they can not stop anyone in the passing game. A.J Green should have a big game. If Pittsburgh’s defense can’t help out the offense there will be no terrible towels in the air.

Even with the defensive concerns Pittsburgh is still the favorite for this game. McCarron was able to produce against the Steelers but he also threw some interceptions, one being a Pick 6.

Seahawks 27 – Vikings 23

The Seahawks blew out the Vikings in early December but that was a beat-up Minnesota team. They played the game with a lot of key defensive players missing.

Russell Wilson carved up the Vikings defense that day but that will not happen Saturday. He has been hot but the Vikings defense is better this time. Wilson will make some big plays just not as many.

The key to this game will be the Seattle defense. The Legend of Boom will have to bring the funk Saturday. They did a good job stopping Adrian Peterson and if the do so again that will put a lot of pressure on Teddy Bridgewater and I think it will be more than he can handle with Seattle’s secondary play. Seahawks take this win in a tight one.

Redskins 24 – Packers 20

Here is an odd one. The Redskins are balling on offense, while the Packers are struggling. Sounds weird right? Something evening more strange Kirk Cousins is out playing Aaron Rodgers. (Insert emoji) That doesn’t seem right at all.

Washington defense has been good but is t good enough to stop Rodgers? Either way this will be a close one but I don’t think the Packers offense will step up to the plate.


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