Week 17 Predictions 

It’s week 17 and some teams have no hope left and some already know that they are playing in the the playoffs. Some teams are playing for flat out pride like the Ravens. The battle will be if Rex Ryan will steal the Jets playoffs hopes right away from them.

Bills 21 – Jets 20

Will Rex Ryan get One over on his old team in an upset special. This will be the ultimate revenge if so. If the Bills win they will knock the Jets out of the playoffs. The Jets have won five in a row. The Bills are going to start the New Year off in a good way with a win.

Patriots 27 – Dolphins 20 

The Patriots are beat up on the offensive line and that is a concern to protect Tom Brady. Miami looks as if they are ready for vacation. New England will pull this one out to lock up the top seed in the conference.

Panthers 30 – Bucs 17

The Panthers need this win to lock up the top seed so all of their starters will play. That is good news for Cam Newton’s fantasy owners but bad news for the Bucs after their lost to the Falcons. New town will have a big day and will win in a big way.

Saints 27 – Falcons 24 

This just might be the last Saints game for Sean Peyton and Drew Brees, if so they will go out with a bang. Brees had a wonderful game last week and that will carry over. The Saints defense will need to find a way to stop Matt Ryan and company they looked good last week handing the Panthers their first lost. This will be a good one.

Bengals 27 – Ravens 17 

The Ravens pulled out a win against the Steelers last week showing some pride. The Bengals can not sleep on the Ravens or it will be an upset with a side of upset. The Bengals need this win to clinch a first round bye. Bengals take it.

Steelers 33 – Browns 17

The Steelers need this win here. The will rebound after that terrible lost to the Ravens. Big Ben Roethlisberger will get the offense going.

Texans 30 – Jaguars 21

The Texans need this win in a major way so hey will be focused. The Jaguars offense is really good but their defense sucks and you are only as strong as your weakest link. The Texans will slow down Blake Bortles and take it.

Colts 23 – Titans 13 

The game doesn’t matter to either team. The Clots will play for Chuck Pagano’s job if the players like him enough.

Chiefs 28 – Raiders 24

The Chiefs are doing major number. They have won nine in a row, but they have had some close calls at home. This will be a close one as well. The Raiders are going to bring everything but the kitchen sink. Chiefs grab it in a battle.

Cowboys 21 – Redskins 17 

The Redskins have clinched the division and will look to give some guys a rest. The Cowboys are still fighting and will play hard, especially on defense. Dallas wins while Washington is looking forward to next week.

Giants 30 – Eagles 21

This could be the last game for Tom Coughlin as head coach. He will go out in style grabbing a win over the Eagles. The Eagles look lifeless and not to mention they just fired head coach Chip Kelly.

Bears 27 – Lions 24

These two teams have no hopes of playing in the playoffs, but can give hopes to fans for next season. The Bears have lost some really close games. While the Lions have done a complete 180 for the good late in the season. The Bears are at home and will have the advantage.

Broncos 23 – Chargers 20
The Broncos need this win to clinch the division regardless of the Chiefs. The Chargers have not played great this season just okay and okay will not beat the Broncos. The Chargers will keep it tight.

Cardinals 30 – Seahawks 20 

Both teams are going to the playoffs but this game matters more to the Cardinals. With a win here they still have a chance to get the top seed in the conference. Also the Cardinals would love to sweep the Seahawks. Carson Palmer will do major numbers.

Rams 27 – 49ers 17

Either team is going to the playoffs so they are not playing for anything. They can give the fans something to look forward to for next season. The Rams defense looked really good last week and the will wi the game here.

Packers 27 – Vikings 24 

This is for the division title. The Packers blew out the Vikings earlier in the season but the Packers aren’t the same and neither is the Vikings. If Aareon Rodgers can find a way at home to excel, but this will be a close one.


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