Week 16 Predictions

I know I’m a little late on my picks this week but these picks are golden. There are going to be some good games this week with some teams fighting for pride and others fighting for a playoff spot. 

Panthers 30 – Falcons 17

The Panthers can lock up the NFC with a win here. The Falcons are still alive in the playoff hunt but that ends here. Cam Newton keeps dabbing.

Bills 26 – Cowboys 17

I think the Bills will rebound off their back-to-back losses. This isn’t the Cowboys season.

Lions 30 – 49ers 21

The 49ers will not be able to keep up with the Lions scoring ability. The Lions showed what they are capable of against the Saints. Lions win easy.

Chiefs 27 – Browns 17

The Browns are plying against a potential playoff team, which can be a challenge. The Chiefs have been on a role and I don’t think that will stop yet. Chiefs win big.

Dolphins 21 – Colts 17

This will be a close one. The Dolphins are playing for nothing and the Colts are playing for a playoff spot. Without Andrew Luck that will be hard to accomplish.

Patriots 27 – Jets 24

Remember the last time the Jets and the Pats faceoff it was a battle. This will not fall short of the same. The Jets are fighting for a playoff spot and the Pats need this win the lock up the No. 1 seed in the AFC. This will be the game to watch.

Buccs 27 – Bears 21

Neither team has anything to fight for but pride. Lovie Smith has a chance to play against the team that fired him. I will go with Jameis Winston to take this one.

Texans 17 – Titans 10

The Texans control their playoff fate. If they win the next two games they win the division. The Titans don’t have Marcus Mariota, which is a problem.

Steelers 28 – Ravens 13

The Steelers need this game and will play like it. Ben Roethlisberger and the crew will take the win.

Saints 37 – Jaguars 31

Neither team plays good defense so it will most definitely be a shootout. Expect a high scoring game.

Cardinals 37 – Packers 31

This is the best game of the week. The Cardinals are rolling and it is possible that these two can meet up in the playoffs. This is the second road game for the Packers and I don’t think they will be able to keep up with the Cardinals.

Seahawks 24 – Rams 13

The Seahawks have been on a roll as of late. The Rams beat the Seahawks in the opener this year, but they will not beat them when it matters. The Rams will show up here but will fall a little short.

Vikings 28 – Giants 23

The Vikings can win the AFC North. The Giants are barely in the playoff race and they may be over by kick-off time. With OBJ being suspended the Giants chance of winning is looking really slim.

Broncos 23 – Bengals 21

The winner of this game will earn the second seed in the AFC. A.J. McCarron will be making his second start. Denver defense will come out and play and will get after McCarron like they did against the Steelers.


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