Week 15 Predictions

Making picks this week is pretty tough. There are a lot of teams playing for nothing and then some teams playing for anything. You ever know if the teams with n hopes still come out with guns blazing just to finish their season with their pride. For example the New Orleans Saints upset the Tampa Bay Buccs last week.

Rams 23 – Buccs 17

This will be a close game. Todd Gurley is listed as probable but will still playing Thursday night but his runs will be limited. Jameis Winston’s main target TE Vincent Jackson will not play tonight. I think that will give the Rams the edge.

Cowboys 21- Jets 20

I smell an upset on the rise. The Cowboys are pretty much finished but they have been showing some good signs from their defense. The Jets have won three in a row and need to win this game to stay in the playoffs.

Vikings 27 – Bears 21

Even though the Vikings lost last week adjacent the Cardinals they still looked good. Adrian Peterson has not lost his step and is still able to run the ball with poise. Vikings take it.

Jaguars 31 – Falcons 20

The Falcons looked horrible against the Panthers last week not scoring one point. It looked like a practice for the Panthers. The Jaguars have scored 90 points in their last two games, look for them to put up high numbers.

Texans 20 – Colts 17

The Texans defense will show up big in this game. This is a battle for first place in the division. Andrew Luck may be back but he will be too rusty adjacent the Texans defense.

Cardinals 33 – Eagles 28

Arizona is the team to beat right now. Offensively they have been unstoppable and on defense they have been good. The Eagles have won consecutive games but it will be hard to beat the Cardinals.

Panthers 23 – Giants 20

Some believe this is where the perfect season ends. The Giants looked really good against Miami but I think the Giants defense will not be able to make enough stops.

Patriots 35 – Titans 20

The long and short is the Titans cannot hang with the Patriots. The Titians are too young and not well developed. Tom Brady will crave up their defense.

Redskins 24 – Bills 20

The Redskins are on a role and have played really good at home. While the Bills have been very inconsistent as of late. The Redskins will take this one at home.

Chiefs 21 – Ravens 13

It’s the Ravens. Kansas City defense has won them multiple games this season and will continue to do so against the Ravens.

Seahawks 35 – Browns 10

The Past four weeks the Seahawks have put up big numbers. Russell Wilson has looked amazing. The Seahawks win this one with ease.

Raiders 27 – Packers 23

I have lost some of my faith in the Packers. The Raiders looked good last week and showed they can hang with the big boys by upsetting the Broncos. This will be a hard fought game.

Steelers 23 – Broncos 20

This is the game of the week. The Steelers are fighting for a spot in the playoffs and a very close to getting it. They showed some fight with the way they played against the Bengals. Ben Roethlisberger will do what Big Ben always does. Control the game.

 Dolphins 21 – Chargers 17

Miami found a way to score against the Giants. The Chargers are really banged up. I think the Dolphins will take this in a close one.
49ers 17 – Bengals 16
Without Andy Dalton the Bengals are not that No. 1 team that they can be. AJ McCarron will have big shoes to fill. At least he is facing San Francisco’s defense, which isn’t that good. I still think that the 49ers will take this one.
Saints 28 – Lions 23
The Saints played hard last week against Tampa and won. This will be a dog fight, both teams have nothing to lose. Who will come out on top?


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