Third and One: Green Bay Packers

Third and one! Just think about it. It’s only three feet. That three feet can stop or continue a play drive. The Green Bay Packers have not been he best at converting these third-and-one situations. They are actually one for the worst with only a 50 percent success rate. The Dallas Cowboys are the only team who have been worst.

The Packers have been faced with a third-and-one situation 22 times and have tried to run the ball 15 times, throwing it all the other times. Of course you would think it would be best to give the ball to Eddie Lacy to bust throw the line and grab a first down. Well he is only 14 of 23 (60.9%) on these carries.

The Packers have never been too good on gaining short yardage under Mike McCarthy. Since his first season they have ranked 23rd in third-and-one rushing conversions.

Most team would not have a problem with third-and-one situations late in the game to keep the ball moving, because you can fall over and grab the first. Not the Packers.If the Packers don’t figure out a way to convert on short yard downs that may just be their¬†kryptonite. The way they have been playing as of late they do not look to promising. Eddie Lacy has pick up way too much weight and can’t run the same that he used to.


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