Week 14: Predictions

It is nothing like football in December. The time when the games truly matter. Time to leave it all out on the field, for some teams this week is playoff week. If they lose this week they lose their playoff hopes as well.

Cardinals 30 – Vikings 20

The Cardinals are still flying high and do not look to be stoping anytime soon they look like a team that will make it far in the playoffs.

Redskins 24 – Bears 17

Even though the Redskins took a bad lose to the Cowboys Monday night I still think they had played a good day, just made some bad decision (DeShaun Jackson). Redskins win it late.

49ers 21 – Browns 17

Johnny Manziel has won his starting position back. The 49ers showed they can win on the road last week against the Bears. Blaine Gabbert is looking good.

Seahawks 27 – Ravens 17

The Ravens season has been over for some time now. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks defense are looking like they did last season. As my co-host Anthony would put it, Wilson is looking like the Wilson he was before he started dating Ciara. Whatever it is Wilson is looking good and the Seahawks take the win.

Panthers 37 – Falcons 24

Early in the season this looked like a good game, but now not so much. Cam Newton is still dabbing on folks and Matt Ryan has went completely cold. The Panthers stay undefeated.

Eagles 23 – Bills 16

The Bills are very inconsistent and that is not attractive. The Eagles looked great last wining handing Tom Brady and company another loss.

Bengals 27 – Steelers 24

Time for round two. I have zero faith in the Steelers secondary, the front seven is pretty good but the secondary is pretty shaky. Both teams are rolling on offense which is a good recipe for a nice show down.

Buccs 28 – Saints 17

The Saints are done and the Buccs have been playing some great football as of late. Jameis Winston will help pull this one out to get over .500.

Jaguars 28 – Colts 27 

Blake Bortles is back the Jags offense is looking good. They do not have too many problems scoring touchdowns. Even though the Jags season is over they  are going to fight to the end taking one more win with them.

Chiefs 23 – Chargers 13

The Chiefs are on a roll winning six in a row. I do not see the Chargers stopping that. Alex Smith will lead the Chiefs to the playoffs.

Jets 27 – Titans 17 

Not the best season for the rookie Marcus Mariota but he did all that he could do. The Jets played well against the Giants and will keep it going this week.

Lions 24 – Rams 21

To bad the Lions started to play good so late in the season, hopefully it will carry over into next season. Matthew Stafford is hot right now and he will continue to throw flame.

Broncos 30 – Raiders 18

The Raiders offense line will not be ready for the Broncos defense, neither will Derek Carr. Brock Osweiler is a 3 and 0 start for Denver right now. He is looking like the next Aaron Rodgers.

Packers 30 – Cowboys 23

Are you ready for the rematch? I know Dez Bryant wants some revenge from his not catch last season. This would be a much better game if Tony Romo was play but he isn’t and Aaron Rodgers is playing. You know what that means, a win for the Packers.

Patriots 23 – Texans 21

The losing stops here for the Patriots, well maybe. This will be a close one. Brady can’t do it all. Even though he caught a pass last week against the Eagles he can’t throw it and catch it at the same time. His receivers are going to have to pull in those important balls to bring home this win.

Giants 30 – Dolphins 17

The Giants thinks of new ways to keep losing, they will think of a way to win Monday night. If the don’t win they lose their playoff hopes. Eli Manning will bring it home.



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