Week 13 Prediction

This week is a week of mini playoff games. It’s December so you know what that means. It is crunch time in a major way. This week will make or break some teams. If you lose there goes your playoff hopes as well and if you win well, you can breath a little. 

Packers 27 – Lions 20

The Packers are not the same team from early in the season. The Lions have been roaring winning three straight. I think the Packers will get back to their old ways this week.

Giants 27 – Jets 21

The battle of MetLife Stadium. This will be like a mini playoff game. Both teams need to win to keep playoff hopes alive. Odell Beckham Jr. will make some big catches. Giants win.

Cardinals 31 – Rams 17

The Rams are really banged up right now. A little to banged up to hang with the Cardinals. The Cardinals will fly high and take the win.

Buccs 21 – Falcons 17 

The Falcons are looking really bad on offense right now and Matt Ryan aka Matty Alice has went ice cold. I think Jameis Winston will find a way to pull this one out.

Vikings 24 Seahawks 20

The Vikings defense is a real sleeper this season. Russell Wilson looked good last week against the Steelers. The Vikings will pull out the win behind the running of Adrian Peterson.

Texans 24 – Bills 18 

The Bills need this win for any hope to have a playoff chance. The Texans will be a tough matchup with they way they have done a 180 with their team especially on defense. The defense that scores is the team that wins the game. 

Dolphins 21 – Ravens 14

The Dolphins fired offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, meaning they will run the ball more. The Ravens defense cannot defend the run that good. The Dolphins will run it right into the end zone for the win.

Bengals 28 – Browns 7

This will be like a practice game for the Bengals. Josh McCown is out for the season and Johnny Manziel will be starting. He did not play well against the Bengals the last time he played against the Bengals. I do not feel this time will be different.

Jaguars 28 – Titans 17

The Jags beat the Titans two weeks ago in Jacksonville. They will win again in Tennessee. Blake Bortles will most definitely show up.

Bears 30 – 49ers 20

The Bears shocked the world and beat the Packers last week on Thanksgiving Day. Jay Cutler is looking really good right now and that play will continue against the 49ers on Sunday.

Broncos 24 – Chargers 13

The Broncos did the unthinkable on Sunday night giving the Patriots their first lost behind backup Brock Osweiler. Philip Rivers and the Chargers do not have a chance especially with the Broncos defense.

Raiders 27 – Chiefs 26

This will be an upset. The Chiefs look like a playoff team winning five in a row. The Raiders will rise to the challenge and pullout the up set Sunday.

Panthers 30 – Saints 20

Drew Brees can get hot and really light up a team but the Panthers defense has been too good for that. Cam Newtown will continue to dab on them folks this Sunday and stay undefeated.

Patriots 31 – Eagles 23

The Patriots will most definitely come into the game with a chip on their shoulder after losing to the Broncos last week. Tom Brady will light up the Eagles defense, but the Eagles will get a late sore to my things exciting though.

Steelers 33 – Colts 22

The Steelers have lost some close game this season. Without Andrew Luck the Colts do not shine the same. This is the first test for Matt Hasselbeck lets see if he can rise to the occasion.

Redskins 27 – Cowboys 20

Kirk Cousins has played very well this season. The Redskins are in first place. DeSean Jackson is back and he played very well last week.


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