Down Goes The Patriots

Who thought the that Brock Osweiler would be the man to take down Tom Brady and company?

The Broncos ruled out Peyton Manning out for the next two games as the aging quarterback deals with a partially torn plantar fascia in his foot. As Manning approaches is 40th birthday he may also be approaching retirement.

Ostweiler threw a 3-yard touchdown pass to Bubba Caldwell with 1:09 left in regulation to put the Broncos up 24 to 21. Brady doing what Brady does pushed the Patriots down the field in a 51-yard drive to put kicker Stephen Gostowski in range to kick a 47-yard field goal, sending the game into overtime.

The Patriots won the coin toss and elected to receive tScreen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.56.03 AMhe ball. Brady was sacked by Von Miller, Denver forced a three-and-out. With the ball back and a lot of ground to cover the Broncos where staring down snow and  a three-and-one on the New England 48. C.J. Anderson took the pitch and raced to the left sideline to the end zone. He avoided not one but four Patriot defenders as he raced to the end zone with no one to beat with one finger raced high in the air. The Broncos win in overtime.

Who knew the Broncos would knock off the Patriots without Manning? I did. Now with the Patriots getting their first lost, leaving Cam Newton and company the only team left undefeated. Dab on them folks Cam.

I said it took a team with a sound defense that was able to make Brady uncomfortable and make him leave the pocket and able to but at least 27 points on board would beat the Patriots. Thats exactly what happen. Looks like the Broncos took my advice or should I just be a coach. Ha. That was a amazing game.

Now the question can someone knock off the Panthers? If so who?



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