Week 12: Predications

My picks have been off the last couple weeks. Upset central has me thrown for a loop. This week I should be back on track as normal.

Lions 27 – Eagles 21

The Eagles need this win really bad but the Lions have started to play up to potential this late in the season. The Lions defense has started to bring the hammer.

Panthers 24 – Cowboys 21

Tony Romo is back and shook off some rust, but I do not know if that can carry over with the Panthers. The Cowboys defense has played very good but they will have a hard time trying to stop Cam Newton. Carolina defense has been playing really good themselves.

Packers 22- Bears 21

The Packers got back to their normal play last week against the Vikings. Aaron Rodgers is looking like his normal discount double check self.

Saints 21 – Texans 17

The Saints are coming off a bye week so they will have some fresh legs. The Texans defense has been pretty good here lately. I still think the Saints will do just enough to win this game.

Bengals 28 – Rams 14

The Bengals will be able to get some confidence back this week after losing two in a row. The Rams will not be able to hang on offense.

Vikings 23 – Falcons 21

The Vikings are underrated and overlooked. The Falcons are not showing the team they where the first five games.

Giants 28 – Redskins 20

The Giants are coming off a bye week. The Redskins have been good but the Giants offense will be too much of the Redskins defense.

Buccs 24 – Colts 21

The Buccs are on a roll as of late. Jameis Winston is looking like the number one pick that he is. I think the Buccs will rise over the Colts.

Bills 21 – Chiefs 20

The Bills played really well against the Patriots. The Chiefs are playing well but it will not be an easy game. I think Rex Ryan will be able to contain the Chiefs offense.

Raiders 21 – Titans 17

The Titans defense has been playing good but I don’t think they will hold up to Derek Carr and his passing game. The Raiders are good in the air.

Jaguars 28 – Chargers 20

The Chargers are not healthy as a team. The Jaguars are surging winning three of their last four games. This may be shootout between the two quarterbacks.

Jets 20 – Dolphins 13

Both of these team need a win in a major way. The Jets need to win to stay in the hunt. The Jets will find a way to come out on top their defense will show up big.

Cardinals 30 – 49ers 17

The 49ers can barely buy a win right now. They just suck. The Cardinals are riding high behind Carson Palmer. Blaine Gabbert will not be able to keep up.

Steelers 27 – Seahawks 24

The Seahawks defense dose not show up when they have to play real competition. The Legion of Boom will not be able to stop Ben Roethlisberger and company. The Steelers take one on the road.

Broncos 24 – Patriots 21

I think the Broncos will hand the Patriots their first lost. Denver’s front seven will thrown different looks and blitzes at Tom Brady not allowing him to get comfortable in the pocket. Brady is very uncomfortable outside of the pocket.

Browns 20 – Ravens 17

The Ravens are banged up without Joe Flacco. I don’t see the Ravens winning without him.


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