Week 11: Predictions

Jaguars 28- Titans 23

This game will be all about the quarterbacks. What quarterback will win the battle? I don’t have too much faith in either defense but I think the Jaguars defense will do just enough.

Dolphins 21 – Cowboys 10

Even though Tony Romo will be back in the line-up he may be a little rusty. Week 12 is when I expect him to shine a little more. I think Miami’s defense will show up for this game and stop Romo.

Jets 17 – Texans 13

T.J. Yates lead the Texans to the victory over the Benglas Monday night. This will be a close game with the Jets defense. If the Jets want to win they are going to have to do it on defense because Geno Smith will not get the job done.

Eagles 33- Buccs 21

Mark Sanchez will be starting at quarterback for the Eagles but that shouldn’t be a problem. The Buccs defense has improved but not enough.

Panthers 27 – Redskins 17

All I have to say is “Dab on them folks.” Cam Newton will get into the end zone a couple of times to do his dance adjacent the Redskins. The Panthers will remain undefeated.

Falcons 27 – Colts 17

The Falcons haven’t been good as of late but things should turn around. Also Andrew Luck will not be starting this week, so the Colts will have no luck. Pun intended.

Ravens 20 – Rams 13

The Rams are turning to Case Keenum as the starter. That won’t be good. If Je Flacco has a good day the Ravens will pull out a victory.

Bears 21 – Broncos 20

I sense a little bit of reveange here. This is a chance for Bears coach John Fox and coordinator Adam Gase to get back at their old team after both were let go by the Broncos at the end of last season. Peyton Manning will not be starting this week leaving the Broncos with some trouble. Bears with the upset.

Lions 23 – Raiders 21

The Lions looked like a different team against Green Bay. The Raiders didn’t look good against the Vikings. Something says the Lions take it with some more good play by the defense.

Chiefs 28- Chargers 27

The Kansas City defense was really good last week.The Chargers have been shaky ad Antonio Gates is not at 100%.

Vikings 26 – Packers 23

This is a big game for both teams. The Packers need to stop their losing streak and the Vikings want to be know as number one. The way the Packers have been performing I don’t have too much faith in them. I think Adrian Peterson will get off on Sunday.

Seahawks 28 – 49ers 7

It’s always good to grab and easy win when you really need one. The Seahawks need a win in a major way. This team isn’t the team that made it to the Super Bowl last season.

Cardinals 33 – Bengals 24

After losing to the Texans Monday night the Bengals looked terrible. The Cardinals defense will give Andy Dalton and company just as much trouble as the Texans did.

Patriots 30 – Bills 21

The Bills will have no answer for Tom Brady. I don’t think their offense will be able to keep up with the scoring power of the Patriots offense.



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