The Bengals Get Their First Blemish

And then there were two. The Bengals are the fourth them to fall to from the unbeaten pedestal after the Falcons, Packers then the Broncos. The Bengals allowed the Texans to give them their first lost and on their home field.

After an extremely defensive game the Texans came out on top winning 10 to 6. The game was tight all the way to the end with DeAndre Hopkins grabbing a touchdown pass from T.J. Yates early in the fourth quarter. Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.13.54 AM

The key to the Texans winning this game was all defense. As I mentioned in last week’s episode to beat the Bengals was to stop Andy Dalton. They did just, that not allowing him to make those short quick passes he like to make. Constantly keeping pressure on him. Also bring the running game to a halt. All the blame can not go to Dalton. When Dalton did throw the ball, multiple key passes were drop, especially by star tight-end Tyler Eifert.

The Bengals folded under pressure and couldn’t join New England and Carolina at 9-o; there has never been such a trio. A back-up quarter back and a awesome receiver got in the way of making history.

The next question is when will Tom Brady or Cam Newton receive their first lose?


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