Peyton Manning Pull FromSunday’s Game

Peyton Manning pulled from a game? Insert confused emoji here. Yes, Manning was pull from Sunday’s 29 – 13 loss the Kanas City Chiefs in the third quarter, and had difficulty walking last week.

Manning has battled plantar fasciitis for weeks but is believed to have aggravated the injury against Indianapolis on Nov. 8, resulting in a partial tear of his plantar fascia. Almost always, a partial tear is more painful to play with than a complete tear.

There has been no indication of how long, if at all, Manning could be sidelined by the injury. Coach Gary Kubiak, however, said after Sunday’s game that Manning would remain the starter if he’s healthy enough to play.

Kubiak replaced Manning with back-up Brock Osweiler on Sunday, ending one of the worst days of Manning’s career. Even though he set the NFL record for career passing yards, Manning was 5-of-20 for only 35 yard and throwing four interceptions. Yes four interceptions and he was sacked twice and he fumbled the ball once. Not Peyton like at all.

After a week of treatment on his foot, it appeared during pregame warm-ups that Manning was not limited in the drills and threw the ball with accuracy, with a full stride. However, just before the team returned to the locker room prior to the game, Manning appeared to feel more pain as he planted his foot than he had showed to that point.

Will this injury end Manning career? In his older age will he be able to bounce back from this one?


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