Predictions: Week 10

Jets 23 – Bills 17

Rex Ryan is back! To bad he will not come home in style and get a win. The Jets defense will be too much for the Bills offense. The Jets will do just enough with their offense to get things done.

Packers 33 – Lions 18

The Packers have lost two games in a row but they will not lose three. They will be at home where Aaron Rodgers is always at his best. Which is the perfect matchup with the Lions horrific defense.

Cowboys 21 – Buccs 17

Matt Cassel caught a rhythm last week he will continue this week. Dez Bryant will be back for the third week so he will be closer to 100%.

Panthers 28 – Titans 17

The Titans will have a short-lived celebration from last week’s victory. The Panthers are riding high and their defense will just be too good for Marcus Mariota.

Rams 24 – Bears 20

The Rams have been good at home here lately. Their defense will get the Jay Cutler at ease.

Saints 28 – Redskins 20

Drew Brees has to continue to do his thing but the defense is a problem and still a mess. Luckily Kirk Cousins isn’t a top ranked quarterback.

Eagles 27 – Dolphins 20

I’m going on a humble and say this game will be won with a fourth-quarter 2-yard touch down run from DeMarco Murray. Dan Campbell has turned the Dolphins around, but the turn around will not be enough.

Steelers 20 – Browns 17

You would think that the Browns would get a break because Ben Roethlisberger is out but the Steelers still found a way to win when he was out earlier in the season.

Ravens 23 – Jags 20

The Ravens may have the edge coming off a bye week. The Ravens defense will allow the Jags to score. The game will be close.

Raiders 28 – Vikings

Keep an eye on Teddy Bridgewater and his concussion issues. Derek Carr and the Raiders offense will give the Vikings offense all they can handle.

Patriots 35 – Giants 17

Eli Manning will not be able to Tom Brady as he throws constant bullets. The Giants defense is way too shaky to control Brady.

Broncos 31 – Chiefs 21

The Chiefs defense will not stop Peyton Manning from seeing the end zone. The Broncos front seven has been outstanding this season.

Cardinals 27 – Seahawks 22

The Seahawks defense isn’t as scary as it has been in the last two years. Carson Palmer will not have a cakewalk but I think he will be able to weather the storm of the Seahawks defense.

Bengals 31 – Texans 17

The only thing to say is Andy Dalton. The Bengals may have the best offense in the league right now. Dalton is not Brady but his wide receiver cord is better than the Patriots. Also let’s not forget about Tyler Eifert.


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