Week 9: Predictions

There are six teams on a bye week. The Game of the Week is the Raiders and the Steelers. Some teams are looking a little different are trade deadlines. A few close games this week. 

Bengals 27 – Browns 14

The Bengals are still riding high at 7 – 0 coming off a knock out game against the Steelers. The Browns have no chance against the Bengals. Cleveland has major problems on defense. Johnny Manziel will start the game for the Browns on Thursday.

Panthers 27 – Packers 24

Cam Newton is the MVP right now. Peyton Manning abused the Packers defense last week and Clayton Matthews hurt is knee last week. Newton will continue to  to strive for greatness.

Patriots 34 – Redskins 16

Long and short of this game the Redskins cannot hold a candle to Tom Brady and the Pats. Should be an easy win.

Saints 34 – Titans 13

The Saints are back and so much better. The will keep it rolling here. Drew Brees has been on a mission.

Dolphins 21 – Bills 16

Even though Tyrod Taylor is back and Cam Wake is out I still think that Miami’s offense will overcome the Bills defense. The Bills lost to the Jags a couple weeks ago.

Vikings 23 – Rams 17

This will be a close one and also my Game of the Week. Both teams can play in the playoffs. The Rams are winning behind the running of Todd Gurley and defense. The game will be about whom’s running back will have the best game, either Gurley or Adrian Peterson.

Jets 23 – Jaguars 20

Geno Smith will be in the line-up since Ryan Fitzpatrick is hurt. That will be a problem. The Jets’ defense will have to win this game, because it will not come from offenses.

Steelers 28 – Raiders 20

Big game for the AFC Wild-card race. The Raiders are 4-3 and the shocker of the year. The Steelers are 4-4 and have to figure out a way to contend without Le’Veon Bell for the year. I don’t think that will be a problem because they did it for the first four games of the season. DeAngelo Williams will carry that weight. Ben Roethlisberger will shake off the knee injury and bounce back from last week.

Giants 35 – Buccs 27

This will not be a defensive game at all. The Giants showed major defensive problems against the Saints. They have to figure that out because Jameis Winston is playing a lot better. Eli Manning is coming off a six-touchdown game and I think he will have another amazing game.

Falcons 27 – 49ers 21

Turnovers have been a problem for the Falcons losing two of their last three games. The 49ers are having some team issues and starting Blaine Gabbert at quarterback. Matt Ryan should have a good game.

Broncos 24 – Colts 17

Andrew Luck will not stand a chance against the Broncos front seven. They will get after him in a major way. Peyton Manning will keep doing his thing.

Eagles 28 – Cowboys 21

I think DeMarco Murray will run the ball all over the Cowboys. The Cowboys have been having some problems out of their passing game and they just let go of Joseph Randle.

Chargers 30 – Bears 20

Both teams need a win in a major way. The Bears can’t finish games and the Chargers are banged up. Philip has been putting up big numbers and will continue Monday night.


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