Week 8 Predictions

There will be a few shootout games this week. The Packers are taking on the Broncos. Talk about much watch football. Who doesn’t love Sunday. See who I have loosing and winning this week it may surprise you, or maybe not. 

Patriots 28 – Dolphins 21

Even though the Dolphins have played well under new Coach Dan Campbell. He will face a real challenge going up against Bill Belichick. The madden numbers will come to a stop for the Dolphins and the Pats stay undefeated.

Chiefs 21- Lions 16

The Chiefs beat the Steelers last week so they will have no problem going up against the Lions. The Lions fired offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi last week so we have to see what the offense will look like this week.

Falcons 33 – Buccs 17

The Buccs secondary will not be able to handle Matt Ryan; it has way too many holes. Their secondary even made Kirk Cousins look good.

Cardinals 31 – Browns 20

The Browns defense will not be able to hold a candle to the Cardinals offense. Even though Johnny Manziel will be at quarterback this week the Cardinals are going to thrown a lot of different looks at him. Might I add Manziel should’ve never lost the starting position at quarterback.

Rams 21 – 49ers 17

The 49ers are a mess on offense and defense. The Rams seem to be bringing things together winning the last two of three games behind defense and the running of Todd Gurley.

Saints 27 – Giants 24

This will be the game to watch. Both teams coming off big wins. The Giants beat the Cowboys last week and the Saints beat the Colts very surprisingly. The Saints have won two back-to-back games off defense and Drew Brees looking like the young version. The Saints will win in a shootout.

Vikings 28 – Bears 27

Another shootout game for Sunday. The Vikings will continue to break through behind the play action offense and win in a close one.

Ravens 29 – Chargers 21

This is a game of two disappointing teams. The Chargers looked awful against the Raiders last week while the Ravens have lost really close games. Joe Flacco will have a big night Ravens take it.

Steelers 23 – Bengals 21

This was a hard choice to make for me. With Ben Roethlisberger coming back into the offense this is a different game now. The Steelers will have all their weapons for the first time all season long. The Bengals are coming off a bye as an undefeated team, so rest is on their side. This is a must win for both teams and a must watch for fans, major shootout.

Texans 20 – Titans 17

Even though Marcus Mariota will be back the Texans will show some fight at home. The Texans take it.

Raiders 24 – Jets 23

I think the Raiders defense will get after Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Raiders have had some success throwing the ball. Derek Carr and Amari Cooper are looking amazing. The Raiders are most definitely a sleeper this season.

Seahawks 21 – Cowboys 17

The Cowboys haven’t been the same without Tony Romo. The Seahawks looked good last week against the 49ers. Dez Bryant will be back in the line-up so that will be a good match-up between him and Richard Sherman.

Packers 28 – Broncos 27

This is the game of the week. The game of the undefeated teams, and somebody has to lose. The Broncos defense will have to hold up to Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning will have to produce on offense, which has been shaky lately. Both teams are coming off a bye week so they are rested.

Panthers 31 – Colts 24

Andrew Luck and the Colts are struggling and need a turn around but they will not get it in Carolina. Cam Newton has been carrying the weight for the offense and the defense has been playing great.


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