Week 7 Predictions

Here are week 7 picks. The Pats and the Jets are the  game of the week with a great offense facing a great defense. The Giants and the Cowboys will face off in a critical divisional matchup. See who I have winning and losing this week. 

Seahawks 26 – 49ers 24

Even though the Seahawks defense hasn’t really stepped up the the plate I think they will re-group Thursday night to win. Colin Kapernick found his rhythm last week against the Ravens but that’s the Ravens defense and not Seahawks.

Bills 24 – Jaguars 18

I believe that Rex Ryan will get his play calling together and the Bills defense will excel over the Blake Bortles and the Jags.

Buccaneers 27 – Redskins 21

Neither team is that great but after the Buccs performance against the Jags they will most definitively beat the Redskins. Also the Buccs are coming off a bye so they are well relaxed.

Falcons 28 – Titans 20

The Titans will not have Marcus Mariota this week so that means Zach Mettenberger will have to step up to the plate and I think he will fall a little short.

Colts 30 – Saints 21

The Colts showed they can hang for a little while with the Patriots and the Saints shocked everyone last week beating the Falcons. The Saints defense will not be able to stop Andrew Luck. Luck will have a big day.

Vikings 28 – Lions 24

The Lions won their first game last week but this week they will not be so fortunate. The Vikings are second in scoring defense, so Matthew Stafford will have a problem throwing the ball.

Steelers 27 – Chiefs 21

Landry Jones will be starting for the Steelers at quarterback. He played very well against the Cardinals. The Chiefs have some defense problems and will not be able to stop Martavis Bryant who killed the Cardinals and Antonio Brown.

Rams 24 –Browns 17

The Rams have one of the best defensive fronts in football and will get after Josh McCown. The Rams have struggled some on offense but will have a good day against the Browns.

Dolphins 21 – Texans 13

The Dolphins look like a new team under coach Dan Campbell. The defense looks a lot better. Miami will get after Brain Hoyer.

Patriots 27 – Jets 21

This is the game of the week in my eyes. The Patriots top ranked offense against the Jets topped ranked defense. The Jets’ offense isn’t efficient enough to keep up with the Pats. The Patriots will win the game but the Jets will slow down their offense.

Chargers 23 –Raiders 13

Philip Rivers is on fire right now and will light up the Raiders defense. San Diego takes the W.

Giants 30 – Cowboys 21

The Giants looked horrible against the Eagles but will get back to taking care of business against the Cowboys. Even though the Cowboys have picked up Matt Cassel he is still new to the offense and will not be as effective just yet.

Panthers 24 – Eagles 17

Carolina impressed me last week beating the Seahawks. Cam Newton is hotter than ever and will continue to apply pressure and turn up the heat.

Cardinals 31 – Ravens 17

Carson Palmer will have a big game against the Ravens bad defense. The Ravens are 1 – 5 this season and are basically finished. Cardinals’ offensive will show up.


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