Week 6 Predictions

Last week I was off the target on four games. That’s still not bad. This week I will be even better. Who will bring home the W, for some teams this week may just decide their season.

Falcons 31 – Saints 20

The Saints just don’t look good right now especially on defense. The Falcons defense is just too good right now.

Jets 21 – Redskins 14

The Jets are coming off a bye week so they are relaxed. The math is simple the Redskins are bad on offense and the Jets are good on defense. Jets take the win.

Steelers 28 – Cardinals 27

If Michael Vick plays the way he did late in the fourth quarter the Steelers will take this game. Steelers defense will hold up against the Cardinals. Offense will be key. Vick has to throw the ball and has to trust Antonio Brown and let him make some plays.

Vikings 24 – Chiefs 17

The Chiefs will not be as effect losing Jamaal Charles. Adrian Peterson is running the ball well, but Teddy Bridgewater will have to have a successful game.

Bengals 24 – Bills 21

This will be a close game in the fourth. The Bengals are soaring on offense and defense. Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan has never defeated a team ranked second or higher in total offense. He is 0-6 has been outscored, 200-106, against those teams.

Lions 23 – Bears 20

This is a hard season for the Lions, but they will get this first victory Sunday. They played very well against the Seahawks and showed they can hang with the big boys. Could’ve won the game but there was a controversial call at the end. Lions win in a close one.

Broncos 28 – Browns 17

Josh McCrown has been putting up big numbers but he will be no match for Denver’s defense. Peyton Manning and company will get the win.

Jaguars 27, Texans 21

I didn’t expect the Texans to play this bad from the way they played last year. Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles has been playing good here lately; he will continue if his shoulder isn’t a problem.

Dolphins 21 – Titans 17

Dolphins had a bye last week giving coach Dan Campbell some time to make some changes. The Dolphins have the weapons to produce they just have to come together to produce.

Seahawks 23 – Panthers 14

This will be the Panthers first lost. They don’t have enough weapons on offense to keep up. They have been relaying purely on Cam Newton to do everything offensively. This will be the end of the run for the Panthers.

Packers 33 – Chargers 23

Its simple Philip Rivers cannot keep up with Aaron Rodgers. Even though the Chargers are a sleeper this year they will not be able to compete with Packers.

49ers 24 – Ravens 14

Both teams are 1-4, they are both fighting to save face right now. The Ravens just don’t look the same. The Ravens will be missing 10 players this week.

Patriots 37 – Colts 27

Even though Andrew Luck most likely plays, but he will not be able to keep up with the Pats. The Colts defense will not be able to stop Tom Brady.

Giants 27 – Eagles 23

The Giants looked to have found their stride. The Eagles played well last week but that was against the Saints and their horrible defense. This will be a shoot out but the Giants will take the win.


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