Week #5 Predictions

Here is my predications for this week. You can still bet you money on me, because I am gold. 

Colts 24, Texans 17

The Colts will find a way to win even with Andrew Luck’s bad shoulder. Defense will win this game late in the fourth.

Chiefs 28, Bears 20

The Chiefs have lost three games in a row. They will bounce back Sunday at home against the bears.

Bengals 24, Seahawks 20

The Seahawks are coming off a short week and they didn’t look amazing against the Lions. The Bengals will win at home. A.J. Green and Andy Dalton cannot be stopped right now.

Falcons 27, Redskins 17

Matt Ryan will continue to connect with Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman will run the ball like his life depends on it. The Redskins defense will not be able to keep up.

Jaguars 30, Bucs 20

The Buccs just don’t have it in them this season. They looked horrible last week at home.

Saints 24, Eagles 21

The Saints looked good last week at home but their secondary has some hole in it that I think Sam Bradford will expose. If Drew Brees plays the way he did last week the Saint will get the win.

Ravens 24, Browns 14

Josh McCown had a good game last week but he will fold to the Ravens. Even though Steve Smith is out this week Joe Flacco will still find a way to win.

Packers 30, Rams 14

All I have to say is Aaron Rodgers. The man is on fire right now and the Rams will not have an answer for him.

Bills 17, Titans 14

Rex Ryan’s defense will throw Marcus Mariota this week. Being a rookie will get the best of him Sunday.

Cardinals 30, Lions 23

The Lions are 0-4 and will continue to lose against the Cardinals. As long as Arizona’s offensive line holds up Carson Palmer will throw the deep ball all day.

Patriots 37, Cowboys 17

The Cowboys will be no match for Tom Brady and his offensive. With Dez Bryant and Tony Romo out the Cowboys cannot score as much.

Broncos 21, Raiders 20

Like I said in my show the Raiders are most definitely a sleeper. The Broncos defense will be tough on Derek Carr. This game will be a nail biter in the fourth quarter.

Giants 31, 49ers 21

The 49ers cannot get it going on offense this season. That will be a problem against the Giants. They proved themselves a little bit last week against the Bills. Eli Manning will play well Giants get the win.

Chargers 20, Steelers 13

Without Ben Roethlisberger the Steelers will have a hard time scoring. Philip Rivers will have Antonio Gates back and he will be Rivers go to man. Mike Vick has to do better than he did last week against the Ravens.


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