Week 4 Predictions

Last week I went 13-3. This week I’m feeling just as lucky. My picks are golden. Hope I didn’t hurt any feelings. Tweet me or comment your picks of the week.

Steelers 27 – Ravens 21

Even though Ben Roethlisberger will be out I have faith that Michael Vick will play well. The Ravens are (0-3) I don’t see them saving there season Thursday night.

Dolphins 21 – Jets 17

The Jets offensive is very limited and will most likely fall to the Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins will be playing with a chip on their shoulder after that big lost to the Bills last week.

Colts 33 – Jaguars 18

The Colts had a shaky win last week but I think they have found their rhythm. The Jaguars have way to many injuries to compete.

Bills 28 – Giants 21

The Bills defensive will get back and have a few sacks Sunday. The Giants had a good game against the Redskins but the Redskins are not the Bills.

Panthers 21 – Buccs 17

Cam Newton is playing the best football of his life right now. He is putting the Panthers on his shoulders and will carry them to Victory Island Sunday.

Eagles 24 – Redskins 21

Kirk Cousins lost his stride last week. The Eagles played well against the Jets. I see that continuing.

Raiders 24 – Bears 21

I like the way Derek Carr has been leading the Raiders. Amari Cooper is in the making to be a top-performing wide receiver. The Bears defensive did some impressive things against Settle last week but I don’t see them getting the W.

Falcons 27 – Texans 17

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are turning out to be the power duo of the league right now. The only problem the Falcons will have is blocking J.J. Watt.

Bengals 28 – Chiefs 20

Andy Dalton and A.J. Green put on a show last week against the Ravens show they can come from behind and score during crucial times. The Bengals will remain undefeated.

Chargers 30 – Browns 17

Making Josh McCown the starter is the worst decision the Browns could have ever made. Until the put Johnny Manziel back at the starter the Browns will continue to lose.

Packers 34 – 49ers 14

Aaron Rodgers many not throw for five touchdowns again but he will light up the 49ers defense. Rodgers has only been sacked 3 times so far this season. That is amazing. The Packers are the best team in the league right now with the best quarterback.

Cardinals 28 – Rams 21

The Cardinals have being playing great on both sides of the ball. Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald are on the same wave link. Cardinals will stay undefeated.

Broncos 24 – Vikings 21

This will be a good game. The Adrian Peterson has found his rhythm and Teddy Bridgewater is throwing the ball very well. Peyton Manning will find a way to win the game in the fourth quarter.

Saints 24 – Cowboys 17

The battle of the back up quarterbacks, maybe. Luke McCown played very well last week I see the Saints coming back and beating the Cowboys after they blew their lead to the Falcons last week.

Seahawks 24 – Lions 13

The Seahawks will go back-to-back like Drake Monday night. Russell Wilson will play his game. I don’t think Matt Stafford will be able to handle the pressure from the Seahawks defense.


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