Week 3 Predictions

All right ladies and gents here is my Week 3 predictions. Last week I was 8 – 8, this week will be much better. That’s a promise. Challenge me if you like. I would like a little friendly competition.

Redskins 24 – Giants 21

The Giants haven’t been able to come through during the 4th quarter this season so far also the Redskins’ have the No. 1 ranked defense.

Cowboys 28 – Falcons 27

I’m on the fence with this one it’s going to be a good game to say the least. The Falcons have been able to produce on offense this season. Dallas lost both Tony Romo and Dez Bryant I don’t have too much faith in their offense right now.

Colts 28 – Titans 23

The Colts have been very shaky on offense this season I really don’t know what is going on with Andrew Luck and the Colts offense. I have them beating the Titans since their defense isn’t the best. The Colts need this win bad.

Raiders 26 – Browns 20

I like how the Raiders were scoring last week. This will be a tight game but the Raiders will pull it out. I do seeing Johnny Manziel staring over Josh McCrown even if he is healthy.

Bengals 21 –Ravens 17

Andy Dalton will have success against the Ravens with no problems. The Bengals are playing as well as any team right now and looking like a real contender.

Patriots 38 – Jaguars 21

The Jaguars give up a lot of passing yards they just will not be able to keep up with the way Tom Brady has been playing these last two games, Last week he threw for 466 yards. Patriots win big.

Panthers 24 – Saints 14

Drew Brees injured his shoulder and probably wont play Sunday. Cam Newton will continue to curry the weight for the Panthers and win the game.

Jets 19 – Eagles 13

Did you ever think you would be saying the Jets are 2-0 for this season? I know I didn’t. I think they will beat the Eagles on defense. Chip Kelly’s offense isn’t producing and sorry to say it but their offensive line sucks. The Jets defense is on fire.

Texans 24 – Buccs 21

Defense is key for the Texans to win this game at home against Tampa Bay. Even though the Texans are 0-2 I don’t think the Buccs are as good as the other teams the Texans have faced. Going to be a good game but the Texans are going to pull it out.

Vikings 23 – Chargers 17

As long as AP runs the ball like he did last week opening up the throwing game for Teddy Bridgewater or Teddy 2 Gloves, as I like to call him, the Vikings will have no problem winning this game.

Steelers 30 – Rams 16

The Steelers offense was dominant last week against the 49ers and they will be the sane this week against the Rams with Le’Veon Bell coming back into the line-up. The Rams are going to have their hands full with the run game along with the passing game, with Antonio Brown going deep.

Cardinals 27 – 49ers 17

After what Ben Roethlisberger did last week to the 49ers defense I see Carson Palmer doing it as well, especially the way Larry Fitzgerald was catching the ball.

Dolphins 21 – Bills 24

This is a must watch game. I love what Rex Ryan has done with the Bills offensively and most definitely defensively. Even though last week Ryan Tannehill put up big numbers last week I think the Bills may slow him down. This is another game I’m on the fence about. This will be a nail bitter at the end of the game.

Seahawks 37 – Bears 21

Jimmy Clausen will be starting in place of Jay Cutler, who is out with a hamstring injury. The Seahawks will not let themselves go 0-3. I think they will work out the problems this week.

Broncos 28 – Lions 17

The Lions haven’t been able to run the ball that well and that will be a problem. Peyton Manning will have no issue with putting points up on the board. Broncos with an easy win.

Packers 33 – Chiefs 27

The Packers are at home and Aaron Rodgers is a beast when he is home. Will Marcus Peters grab an interception on Rodgers breaking his 17 home game streaks? Peters has grabbed an interception in both of his first two rookie games. I still have the Packers beating the Chiefs. They are just a better team. Also watch out for rookie running back Matt Jones he can catch fire.



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  1. You make a good point however, Weeden isn’t consistent, especially when he has to play a full 4 quarters. Also, keep in mind another one of the Dallas offensive power players, Jason Witten, is pretty banged up. I’m going with Atlanta 28 – Dallas 14.


  2. Sherlease Moppins September 24, 2015 — 5:35 AM

    So you’re going with the Cowboys when they have no Romo AND no Dez? Please explain….. Lol


    • Weeden was 7/7 last week. Williams is a good replacement for Dez. Even though he isn’t Dez he can still produce. The most important thing is the Cowboys offensive line. They can protect anyone. Randle will still be able to run the ball effectively opening up the throwing game allowing Weeden to make some big throws


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