Preseason Injuries Becoming A Problem

If you haven’t noticed that a few players are missing from your favorite team’s roster this year you should. Along with suspensions this preseason has been the worst for injuries major and minor. There have been a total of 27 injuries from training camp and preseason this year, seven of those injuries coming from week 3 of the preseason alone. If you favorite team isn’t missing a player(s) because of suspension for violating the substance abuse policy or domestic violence then it will be because of injuries. To name a few big names on the injury reserved list are: Jordy Nelson (ACL), Kelvin Benjamin (knee), Maurkice Pouncey (ankle), LeSean McCoy (pulled hamstring), Kevin White (left shin) and many more.

Do you think that preseason should only be two week long instead of four weeks? Do you think teams should practice together during training camp using pads?

Personally I think that preseason can be cut out. I think preseason is more for the fans to see how their team is looking. If I were a coach I wouldn’t play my number 1 players for the fear of injuries. Also in practice I think it’s okay for different teams to practice with each other but I don’t think they should use pads. I think they should play 7 on 7 or flag. I know this sounds very soft but I say this to preserve the bodies of the players for the regular season. The NFL season is at least 13 weeks long. If you go into the post season the player’s bodies get even more wear and tear. Teams like the Patriots, Seahawks, Steelers, Colts and other teams have played in at least the wild card game every year in the last few years. Player’s bodies go through a lot.

Below is a link for all 27 players that have been injured.


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