New Rules For Extra Points

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.34.34 PM

Have you heard of the new extra point rule? Now the extra point field goal will be attempted from the 33-yard-line and the two-pointer will still be attempted at the two-yard-line. Also the play is not dead anymore. So if there is an interception or a fumble the ball can be return.

This will affect the game in a big way. It will make the game a lot more interesting with coaches wanting to go for two rather than one. Also being in certain weather conditions sometimes field goals are not guarantee.

Right now I don’t feel a type of way about the new rule because the season hasn’t started yet. I’m still thinking on this. Aaron Rodgers and other players do not like it. Rodgers thinks it goes against the league’s stance on player safety.

Respond with what you think.


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