Adrian Peterson the Face of Family Day

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 12.22.15 PM

Here is the awkward moment of the day. The Minnesota Vikings tweeted an adorable picture of running back Adrian Peterson kissing a little boy who appears to be his son. The Vikings are making Peterson the face of Family Day at training camp.

This is so awkward because Peterson pled guilty to a child abuse case involving his 4-year-old son last year, which he was suspend half of the season from the NFL.

The Vikings are trying to restore Peterson’s public image after last year’s off field troubles.

This is a good way to start and the picture is so freaking cute, but it can be doubled for a joke. All jokes aside I don’t think Perterson really wanted to hurt his child but he was just trying to discipline him. He was probably raised the way most black children are. If you were acting out you got a whopping you where not put in “time-out”, there was no such thing. I’m speaking from a place of know. Even though I wasn’t that bad of a child and didn’t get whopped often, I did know that if was doing something I wasn’t suppose to I would get in trouble. That’s just my take on it; feel free to state your opinion.


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