Sheldon Richardson Resisting Arrest

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.26.49 PM

New York Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson has been charged with resisting arrest after a July 14 incident. Police say that Richardson was engaging in a high-speed road race near his home in St. Louis, where he was clocked doing a 143 mph. Also found in the 2014 Bentley was a fully loaded semi-automatic weapon and a smell of burnt marijuana.

Richardson tried to run from police and park in a driveway after exiting the expressway but was spotted by his brake lights. There where three passengers in the car one being a 12 year-old child and two male adults. Richardson was the only one charged. There were no gun, marijuana or child endangerment charges.

In St. Louis resisting arrest is a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted Richardson can be sentenced up to a year in jail and/or fined up to $1,000.

This incident is coming 12 days after Richardson received a four-game suspension for violating the leagues substance abuse policy.


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