Greg Hardy’s Suspension

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Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy had his suspension reduced from 10 games to four on appeal by arbitrator Harold Henderson was announced Friday. The NFL initially suspended Hardy in April for multiple violations of the league’s personal conduct policy during an incident with a former girlfriend Nicole Holder in the spring of 2014. The charges against Hardy were eventually dismissed after Holder refused to cooperate with the Mecklenburg (North Carolina) County district attorney’s office.

In July 2014, Hardy was found guilty of assaulting Holder and threatening to kill her. He received a 60-day suspended sentence and 18 months’ probation on misdemeanor charges. That was appealed in favor of a jury trial. The case was then dismissed in February after Holder chose not to cooperate with authorities. Holder and Hardy came to a settlement.

The NFL was unable to interview Holder but was provided with photos and other materials for its independent investigation that concluded Hardy used physical force against Holder in “at least four instances.”

The leagues also said Hardy failed to provide complete and accurate information to NFL investigators and staff and that Hardy’s attorneys did not provide a copy of the settlement with Holder or acknowledge that an agreement exists.

Greg Hardy will be eligible to make his Cowboys debut in Week 5 against the Patriots.

In its appeal, the NFL Players Association believed Goodell used the personal conduct policy to penalize Hardy even though the incident happened before the policy was in place.

Hardy will be permitted to take part in training camp and preseason games. The suspension will begin Sept. 5.

Now there are the facts but here is my opinion. Feel free to agree or disagree. Hardy got off from any legal trouble because he was able to pay off his former girlfriend. That’s what I’m getting from the “settlement” thing. I also don’t feel like this will be Hardy’s last time getting in trouble seeing that this isn’t is first. I understand why he was able to get his appeal but I don’t agree with it. He was able to damn near pay his way completely out of trouble.

Also not to keep beating a dead horse but I’m going to beat it a couple of times. Greg Hardy just like others are getting more than one chance after a domestic violence incident but not Ray Rice. I feel like Ray Rice should be allowed back into the league if everyone else can get extra chances. I’m just going to leave this right here and everyone tell me how you feel.



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  1. Ray Rice deserves another chance but the difference between the two is a video and talent gap. Greg Hardy’s talent is greater than the risk or backlash from signing him. I feel like Ray Rice is on the the backside of his career and that’s why I believe he will not get another chance in the league.

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