Warren Sapp Pleas Guilty

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.54.47 PM

Former NFL star Warren Sapp pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors after he was arrested in Phoenix in February for soliciting a prostitute and assault.

Sapp entered a plea agreement on Monday. Sapp has to take a “Prostitution Solicitation Diversion Program” and take anger management classes in order to avoid jail time. Sapp has already completed the diversion program.

In February Sap was hit with the solicitation and assault charges after police say he shoved two women to the ground after a fight over money.

Sapp paid the women $300 a piece to perform oral sex on him. There was an argument that lead to the two women being thrown out of the hotel room and tumbling down the hallway.

Sapp lucked out by not having the serve 15 days in jail. In Phoenix there is a mandatory minimum 15-day jail sentence for solicitation convictions. Sapp did lose his job at the NFL Network where he was an analyst since 2008. He was in Phoenix to cover the past season’s Super Bowl.


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